Royalty (Demonic)

Royalty (Demonic)

Demon Royals are very high-ranking members of the core demonic society.  They are very powerful and influential and they command a lot of ability and a lot of respect.  Each member of the demon royalty is different, they have their own unique skills and abilities and the realms that they command are all very unique.  

The Royalty of the Core Demonic Alliance are different from the Royals of the individual species, though quite often those who are Royals of their species are granted the same title in their position within the Core Alliance.  Though their duties can differ and those who are Royals within the Core alliance usually have more power.  The members of the Core Alliance are. Nobel Demons, Lowborn Demons, Hellborn Demons, Arachne Demons, Chaos Demons, Spectral Demons, Tempest Demons, Abyssal Demons, Solar Demons, and the Fallen Angels.  

Demon Royals have access to their own Military units that protect and defend their realms and often work closely with the Commanders of the Demonic Core Army.  They are well connected and if they cannot assist you with a particular task, they can invite other demons they are acquainted with to assist.  They all have unique talents and abilities and rule their individual realms with their own unique personalities.  

Demonic Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses are the royal titles given to a demon of royal statue or elevation. These demons are from one of the royal families. The Kings and the Queens Oversee realms, the core demon realms and the other demons realms can have different structures and different definitions of what a King and a Queen is.


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