Scholars (Demonic)

Scholars (Demonic)

Demon Scholars are brilliant intellects who devote their life to the study of knowledge and wisdom.  They explore different topics and ideas and are devoted to the preservation of knowledge, history, science, and philosophy.  They are incredibly wise and well-read and though they tend to specialize in their preferred fields, they have a wide range of interests and are incredibly brilliant.  They spend their time in the ancient and incredible libraries, learning and expanding their vast knowledge.  

They are brilliant in philosophy and understanding the complexities of the world.  They study a variety of topics everything from philosophy to hard sciences.  They love to learn and they have a deep appreciation and passion for books.  They have a lot of knowledge and can help their companion to solve the problems that they have.  Their studies usually lead them to gain magickal talents and they usually are incredibly gifted in magick and application.  

They can offer guidance and support and help their companion when they are in trouble and can help them to master their own minds and attain mental mastery.  They have sharp minds and are very brilliant and in control of themselves.  They are incredibly focused and disciplined and they can teach their companion how to attain these things.  

They can help their companion to attain their known knowledge and help them in arts such as study and memory retention.  They can help their companion with school and their profession and help them to sharpen their mind.  They know many different tricks to improve one’s memory and also to help one increase their focus and mental power.  The stronger the mind the more capable it is to bend the energies around it and so those who have a sharp and focused mind are very gifted in the magickal arts.  

Abyssal Scholars: Abyssal Scholars tend to specialize in the history of their realm.  They are drawn to the abyss and the depth of the black ocean.  They wish to learn more about it and they study it.  They study the darkness that rises from it and they study the magick that is contained within.  They are incredibly methodical and soothing demons and they oftentimes speak very little, even by Abyssal standards.  They are deep thinkers and very methodical, exploring their ideas and writing them out, sometimes in vast volumes.  They have incredible theories and their research is very methodical and laid out.  They are often drawn to psychology and the study of the mind and of the subconscious.  

The Listing Where Abyssal Scholars can be found is here.


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