Spies (Demonic)

Spies (Demonic)

Demons Spies are incredible at uncovering information and navigating challenging situations.  They can sneak around and uncover information and deliver it to their companion.  They can also find out pieces of information that their companion should not know about.  They are in the business of information and they take that business very seriously. They know how to disarm energies and they can remove and release negative and malicious energies that are around or attached themselves to their companion.  

They can also stealthily remove unwanted presences and warn their companion if there is danger.  They are a demon who can get things done, they can help their companion to set goals and help shift things so that those goals are attained.  They are focused and can navigate chaotic and horrible situations.  When everything falls apart they can go in and clean it up, finding the best course and helping to repair the damage that was done.  They are incredibly skilled and have a wealth of knowledge and information.  They also can assist with gambling, luck and wealth creation through lucky means.  They can shift the world in favor of their companion.  

Dynasty Spies: Dynasty demons love privacy and all groups have enemies which is why Dynasty Spies exist. The spies will report on any threats or any possibility that there might be an attack or danger that is approaching. They are trained in illusion and can sneak in the shadows to uncover information. Learning and reporting information helps ensure the safety and protection of the empire. They are proficient at blending in situations and shifting energies to look like they belong. Their skills allow them to access places they would otherwise not be allowed into. Spies know how to read people and extract information from sources in various ways. They have a deep understanding of psychic energies especially in telepathy and reading energies and, can help their companion to awaken these skills. They can additionally teach psychic communication through the mind. Spies are very knowledgeable in psychology and how to speak in a way to understand others and know how to play mind games. Spies are also well-trained in physical mastery and know how to fight in a style different from guards or assassins. Spies will enjoy learning various martial arts and techniques for deception using mental abilities. They have many unique skills like mind control, magnetism, shifting energies to embrace layers of charisma, and shifting through personalities to blend in or stand out. Dynasty spies know how to present themselves and how to captivate others, which is something they can teach. They can help their companion to be more charismatic and show how to shift energies to be noticed.

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