Mortuwn Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Mortuwn Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Mortuwn Vampires – Mortuwn Vampires are incredibly interesting. They have a unique vibration of monstrous energy that is within them which allows them access to subtle and strange realms. There are many realms and dimensions that exist within the Outer Spiritual World some are dangerous, some are surreal, and some are terrifying. Some are so close to the world they are from, one must be careful lest they get trapped in these places and not even realize it. Their energies and their minds are connected to so many different realms and dimensions and they can shift and travel through them. They are master travelers of darkness and they can always shift into a new world if they need to get away from the sun. They love to move through different realms and travel to different places. They are master travelers and they love to move through the dimensions. They love to travel and they have a thirst to uncover new places and explore different realms and dimensions.

Their cities are found in the spaces between realms and dimensions and they are often connected to many different realms. Their cities are influenced by the realms that they are connected to and they can often seem surreal as various parts of the cities will be influenced and shift to match the realms that they are connected to. Their cities are vast and beautiful and surreal. By walking through the cities one can get a sense of the realm that they are traveling to because they can get a sense of what it is like by how that part of the city looks and acts. Different realms and dimensions have different rules and some of these dimensions are deep in the monstrous realm and it is very important for those who are not aligned with those spaces to follow the rules, or they may be consumed and lost forever. They are wise travelers and they understand and respect the dimensions that they move through. They have great respect and understanding of the realms that they visit.

They are very skilled at crafting portals and creating safe passageways to and from these realms. Many of these realms contain traps that will trap others within them. They know how to unlock the puzzles of these realms and escape their grasp. They are seen as a threat to some of these realms because of their ability to escape the clutches of the realm. They can free others who are trapped and at times other species will pay these Vampires to go into the realms and retrieve their relatives who have been lost to these places. Their cities are so unique as they do not follow universal laws and some of them are so surreal and incredible and even deny acceptable laws of physics by Outer Spiritual World standards. They also spend time analyzing and understanding the philosophies and physics of each realm and learning about them and understanding how they work and how others get trapped there and what one must do to be liberated from them. They are masters of solving puzzles and they love puzzles and riddles.

They have vast libraries within their cities which document and detail the different realms that they have been to and the laws that one must follow when traveling to them. These libraries also contain incredible stories of their travels to these places. The adventures they have had, and what they have had to do to understand and unlock the world’s secrets. They love to share stories and the love to share their travels and their explorations. They can take one to extraordinary places and reveal secrets and powers through story and the ability to connect to what is surreal and fantastical. They can take others to these realms where secrets are revealed. Secrets of love, secrets of connection, secrets of the self, secrets of the future, secrets of the past. They can take their companion on incredible and amazing journeys, and they can take them to places where they can discover profound and incredible truths and explore amazing and incredible worlds.

They need both blood and energy to sustain themselves and they use the life force of blood to open portals and craft bridges to these worlds. They have a unique connection to blood and they can lock onto blood that they have tasted and find their way back to it. They enjoy sampling different types of blood that are found within the different dimensions and understanding how life is categorized in these different places. They will have blood parties in their realms with different themes and explorations and they love to hold parties that are inspired by the places they have visited. They understand the power of blood and they know how to tap into and activate the deep powers and energies within blood. They can help their companion to tap into their own life force and awaken sleeping and dormant abilities that are found within their blood and help them to gain control of themselves and their life here.

They work with inter-dimensional magick, blood magick, life force magick, and many different and sublime schools of magick that they are taught in different dimensions. They love magick and they love magick that evokes traveling and spiritual journeys. They say that there are places that are beyond the imagination and some are incredible, while others are terrible. Some realms are incredibly dangerous and one must exercise caution and be wise when traveling. They can and will act as a protector for their companion while traveling to these places and they will warn their companion if they are going to head to a place that will leave them unsettled and changed. Sometimes ignorance is better, you cannot always unsee what you have seen. They can evoke powerful spiritual journeys within another and they can and will take their companion to incredible and amazing places. Their energies are incredible and they can also help their companion to remove nightmares and remove pains that are inside of them.


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