Muthalian Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Muthalian Vampires (Outer Spiritual World)

Muthalian Vampires – Muthalian Vampires are heavily influenced by the moon. The energies of darkness, the eclipse, the darkness of the night. The moons have different phases and in the Outer Spiritual World, there are places where the moons have unique and incredible phases. They know how to draw energy from the moon and they use these energies in powerful and incredible rituals. They love the winter months and they love all seasons that are cold. The Fall calls to them and the Darkness speaks to them. They love darkness and the darker and colder times, the better. They love the cold for it fuels them and they draw power from coldness. They work powerful spells in the coldness and they access deep energies that are found in stillness and coldness. Energies slow down in the cold, they slow down and they open up to deeper regions and areas. They use coolness to access new types of energies. They weave these energies into their spells and rituals. Their spells are aligned with darkness. The cool essence of Darkness and the cool essence of death. They have connections to the death realms and they have connections to the graves. They seek energies from the coolness of darkness.

They use the moonlight as inspiration for their beautiful cities. There is magick and mystery that flow through their realms. Their cities are inspired by dreams. Dreams influence their designs and their worlds are beautiful and whimsical. They take one to the pinnacle of the dream world and they inspire deep inspiration within. You never know what you are going to see in their cities. You never know what you will discover. Their world is one is surprises and it is one that is heavily aligned with the imagination and with the wonder that the mind is able to create. They enjoy weaving fantastical elements into their city designs and they love to allow their imagination to guide their architecture and creations. They love mystery and they love to weave elements of mystery into their architecture. Their world is one of layers and it is one of mystery and deep discovery. They use illusions and deception to reveal deep and profound truths and they enjoy challenging what is known and what is accepted.

They are very philosophical and they enjoy exploring different ideas and different through. They love to explore new ways of thinking and new philosophies and they are very good listeners. They enjoy listening to alternate perspectives and views and they enjoy having deep conversations with others. They are very philosophical and they have specific places in their cities for quiet contemplation and meditation. They enjoy meditating and connecting to different energies and streams of thought and exploring different energies and different ideas. They are profound writers and they love poetry and words that evoke deep emotional responses. They say that different emotional states change the flavor of blood and of energy and when they feed they will work to get their food into the right emotional state. They need both blood and energy as sustenance and they can be driven mad if they are denied blood. They understand blood deprivation and they know how important it is to stay well fed. A lack of blood can unleash a monstrous side within them and can make them go insane. Within the cities, they always have access to different types of blood.

The moon evokes dreams and they are masters of dreams and masters of the dream world. They have energies that can stimulate the imagination and evoke the rise of powerful and detailed dreams. They also have energies to make dreams appear more real and gives one the ability to Lucid Dream. They love Lucid Dreaming and they love the energies of the night which shift and open up the dream world and allow them access to the profound realms where dreams rise from. They love analyzing and exploring the philosophy of dreams and they enjoy discussing dreams with each other. They love analyzing the depth of dreams and uncovering the hidden meaning and symbolism. They use moon energies to evoke different types of dreams and they can infuse others with different vibrations to bring different types of dreams. They love playing with energies and seeing what types of dreams are inspired by the energies.

They also love nightmares. Many of them are captivated by the concept of horror and they love horror movies and what awakens the shadows and fears that are within. They can sense one’s fears and they can sense the shadow that are lurking within. They can help their companion to understand their nightmares and understand the fears and shadows that are within them. They love to analyze nightmares and say that profound revelations happen when one explores the shadows of the dreams. They can take their companion to the darkness of their subconscious and they can help them to face the shadows that are found in the deep. They will help their companion to analyze their shadows and help them to understand their fears and nightmares. They know how to stimulate the life force that is found in blood and they can use that to evoke different states within another. They can awaken different energies within the blood and they can help their companion to understand their states and understand the energies that govern them.

They are also aligned with the Void of Space, not to be confused with the energies of the Void. The Void of Space is a place that can evoke madness and uncertainty. There are places in the Monstrous Realm that are nothing but complete darkness. Darkness that is isolating, Darkness that is insanity-inducing. Delusions, Hallucinations, and Deep Fears. They understand these spaces and they know how they evoke darkness within. They can weave these states and these energies into their spells and rituals. They have a journey of initiation where they must cross one of these spaces alone and overcome this madness and isolation. There are many journeys that test one and awaken great wisdom within and this is one that the Muthalian Vampires are connected to. It is considered a sacred journey for them and those who succeed gain incredible wisdom. They learn how to work with the energies of madness and they can help those who deal with isolation and insanity. They also can induce isolation and insanity in the minds of their enemies. They understand these energies and how to work with them.


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