Tempest Demons

Tempest Demons

Hailing from the Upper Realms within the Outer Spiritual world, the tempest demons are an incredible group of demons who reside high in the dark mountains.   They are a very powerful group of demons who work with the elements and storms to shape the world around them.  They have the power to tap into the powerful energy vibrations of violent and destructive storms and forces of nature and use that energy to shift the world around them and create powerful and effective magicks and enchantments.

Their realm is one of incredible beauty and history.  The vast cities span the mountain ranges and their kingdoms are rich with the wisdom of ancient arcane crafts.  They are powerful spellcasters and sorcerers commanding the essence of the energy around them and through them.  They can see in different spectrums and can uncover dimensional folds of energies.  They can shift their vision and see things that most cannot.

Their cities are vast and full of complex architecture that tests the limits of the imagination.  They enjoy the complex intricacies of detailed design and everything they build contains hidden stories and compartments, many of which have been forgotten over the years, only to be rediscovered.

They can conceal themselves with these energies and have transfiguration powers that can shift them into powerful flying beasts that take to the sky.  They love to embrace the true calling of the storms and are drawn to the enticing pull of the danger they bring.

They are also drawn to the power of nature in the form of natural disasters and they always find unique and incredible ways to capitalize and work with these elements.  They move beyond the four elements and can tap into the ancient and lost elements that have long been forgotten.

They are naturally gifted with magicks and are born called to the arcane arts.  Children will often seek out sources of arcane essences to explore and play in and many are of a very curious mind.    They sometimes accidentally conjure up great storms and disastrous events so their cities are built to endure.

They are tough and used to unstable and changing elements and they can stand the forces of the elements.  They will often venture out into storms to test their resolve and are at times brave or foolish depending on who you ask.

They are drawn to erratic and violent weather and find comfort and solace concealed in the eruptions nature of storms.  They are calm and collected often analyzing and scanning all that is going on around them.  They are very observant and can be incredibly quiet and calculating.  They enjoy peace and solitude and often spend time exploring the mountain ranges in peace and solitude seeking inspiration and new ideas.

General Appearance: 

These demons are very beautiful with incredibly pale skin, flowing long hair, and eyes that reveal that they see what most cannot. Their eyes are hard to describe as they often have an underlying glow to them depending on the different layers they are attuned to. They have small to large horns and the traditional wings and tails that many demons have. They have some shapeshifting abilities and can transform into winged beasts. They usually have a preferred form of transformation.

***note*** This is a general overview of a very large group of demons, but there are some common characteristics I have noticed. 

These demons were uncovered and named by Priestess Akelta and are exclusive to Satan and Suns/Sons~ The Demon Temple.  

The Characteristics that Tempest Demons have and can offer their human companions are as followed.

~ Understanding of Storm Alchemy
~ Understanding of Nature and the Darkness it contains
~ Advanced understanding of the Elements
~ Incredible Mages and Sorcerers.
~ Incredibly Gifted with Magick
~ Advanced understanding of the sky and the power of storms
~ Knowledge of the natural disasters of the world and how they form
~ Understanding of the energy burst that cause destruction
~ Strength to stand forth against destructive forces
~ Powerful shielding and protection magicks
~ Accessing ancient wisdom and knowledge
~ Teaching one advanced arts in energy manipulation
~ Learning to enjoy the ride and harness the power of chaos.
~ Manifestation through chaos and storms
~ Holding strong during dark times and coming out more powerful
~ Incredible warriors with unique skills.
~ Powerful and Advanced meditation practices
~ Mental training and mind power
~ Skills with destructive and baneful magicks
~ Understanding of death, darkness and the cycle of life
~ Can work with shifting states and helping one to attune to different frequencies
~ Opening up ones third eye to hidden layers
~ Understanding the storm path
~ Understanding the madness of destruction
~ Incredible Architects and Creators
~ Incredible at uncovering lost or forgotten treasures
~ Can bring people to unhinged emotional states
~ Can drown one in the descent of madness
~ Can bring one to anger and unpredictability
~ and so much more…


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