Warlocks (Demonic)

Warlocks (Demonic)

Warlocks have magickal practices and schools geared towards studying darker currents and exploring facets of darkness. They are skilled in psionic abilities especially psionic mind-bending, the aspect of commanding others to their will. There is a strong essence of mind control and being able to master themselves and the energies of the world around them.  They have incredibly strong and powerful minds and they know how to not only control their own energies but the energies that are in the world around them.  This ability allows them to see what is going on around them energetically and they can see what folds of darkness are acting upon them.  They can shift the energy currents and change the vibrations to bend to their will.

Many warlocks have connections to monsters because they are drawn to layers of darkness that often take them to uncover new creatures. They can cast all sorts of spells and they are especially adept in execration, protective, and defensive spells. They seek out and enjoy meeting and working with new creatures.  The Creatures they encounter are unique and give them a sublime and profound understanding of the individual darkness that is out there.  The creatures in many cases follow their warlocks and they will protect them and defend them.  They are very loyal and demon warlocks force powerful bonds with the creatures they work with.

Warlocks know how to break curses and they can utilize frequencies of energy from the monstrous areas and creatures to incorporate it into their work. They can use energies for manifestation and are often well studied in areas of psychology and the mind, making them excellent at mind control.  Just as warlocks know how to subjugate others, they are also well versed in releasing others from monstrous or nefarious creatures. They understand mental imprisonment and just as they can bend one to their will, they also can reveal the shackles that one has upon their mind and reveal how to release and clear them.  They are incredibly powerful and amazing demons.


Abyssal Warlocks:  An abyssal warlock’s darkness is tied to the exploration of the black ocean and the abyss where there are layers of darkness woven into it. Not all abyssal demons work with the abyss as some will venture to the void or other realms, however, there will always be an overlaying and influence of energies from the abyss because it is in their base energy. Even if some abyssal demons study the void there will always be a blending of energies, in this case, it would be of the void with abyssal energies due to energies of the endless well of darkness inside them. Abyssal necromancers are especially good at working with the darkness from the subconscious and how it impacts a situation. They can see how the layers of the subconscious are influencing and acting on it. Their execration and spell work often involves energies of the black ocean and weaving that base essence into their work. Abyssal necromancers will often find a way to monstrous layers of the black ocean and connect to the creatures there. Many have a vast understanding of darkness and the layers of the abyss. 

Abyssal Warlocks are abyssal demons who work with the darkness of the ocean. The crushing power of the tides and the darkness that sleeps in the void of the unknown. The Black Ocean has darkness that dwells in the deep. Sinister spells and workings done by the warlocks in the tombs of darkness beneath. Their power is drawn from the depth of darkness in the ocean and the mysteries of the shadow. Rare conjures of darkness arise from the depth and the lost and forgotten places of the Black Ocean contain great evil. They walk with this energy and draw power from it. They excel at execration and baneful magick and they know all curses that are aligned with the dark element of water. Like the storms of the ocean, they can bring those to their doom. The ocean floor is lined with their victims and those who they harvest for their dark work. The graves of those lost at sea are their wandering grounds as are the dark energies that rise from their forgotten souls.

Arachne Warlocks: Arachne warlocks have a distinctive approach because there’s a unique darkness in their realm of blended spider wisdom with poison. There are many monsters and creatures within their realm that they can study. They have a deep understanding of poisons and how to extract different substances from the monsters they work with. There’s a spider element in their work but there are also others. The Arachne realms are incredibly diverse, and they contain caves home to various creatures as well as many pockets of darkness and sinister creatures that are close to their realm that are dangerous. Arachne necromancers know how to manage any danger and to safely extract energies. They have a great alchemic understanding of darkness of how to transform and create something new. They are talented in blending and working with various energies. Their work is very tied to the creatures of their realm and the intensity of darkness that exists there. They are well studied in poisons and toxins as well as how to utilize parts of creatures they are working with.

Chaos Warlocks: Chaos warlocks work and deal with a lot of dark currents involving chaos. Within chaos energies, there is the elements of destruction and creation, which when combined with the essence of darkness can be used to erode and destroy. They have a unique understanding of chaos and the shift that exists between order and chaos. They know how to remain calm and balanced in any situation because they know when to step back during chaos since they can see the order being created. They know how to work with elements of chaos and have unique connections to it. Chaos necromancers have connections with creatures in the chaos realm and they know to get close to them without falling apart and crumbling. As they work with these energies and these creatures, they understand how to direct destruction to where they want to go and how to command and move it. They are very proficient in execration magick and have a talent for planting seeds of chaos that can destroy everything. Since they understand chaos they can see when it forms and from that state they see the pure potential in it which they can craft into anything they want. They have a unique tie to Arachne demons they know how to harness the raw potential of chaos and Arachne demons are skilled at weaving the energies together. This allows them to work well together to create the results they desire. Their realms are beside each other as well, so they have been found to work together.

Dynasty Warlocks: Dynasty warlocks have an intensity to them. They come at things from an interesting perspective in comparison to other demon species. They are quick, focused, and streamlined in their approach. When a Dynasty demon knows what they want they will go and get it. Dynasty warlocks have a process where they will utilize concentrations of darkness and blast it at someone. They are effective and clean in their methods as they like to do precision strikes. They like to concentrate on things because they prefer to be focused and be precise in any spell work. Some of them work with creatures but most tend to focus on darkness and the study of what happens when you concentrate darkness. They like to experiment with adding different frequencies to darkness when working with it and see the results. 

Underworld (Lowborn) Warlocks: Underworld warlocks work with a lot of energy from the underworld and the darkness that can be found there. They enjoy researching various dark energy currents and the creatures that exist there. Lowborn warlocks have incredible knowledge as they will thoroughly research and experiment with energies. They have a vast understanding of energies and the impacts of the energy. Even though necromancer is a separate title because they are very exposed to death currents there is a deep understanding of death among them. They understand anatomy, where to find pockets within the body, and how to extract and work with them. Some will study and find souls of those who created atrocities that reside in the underworld and will utilize the energy of crimes that people committed. They also will work with dark creatures from the underworld realm, as there are pockets that are monstrous, including spaces with lost souls and anomalies. There are at times anomalies based on situations in a person’s life so they study the impact of dark energies on these spaces. Lowborn warlocks are very logical and have a strong research component They often will have a deep understanding of pestilence, disease, rot, as well as ailments that bring death and destruction. There is a scientific approach to their work. They work on understanding the depth and complexity of their world and all the darkness contained within.

Mutilation Warlocks: Mutilation warlocks pour themselves into understanding darkness. They are able to go deep within their research because they learn to conceal and cloak themselves so they can walk during shifts in the mutilation realm. The shifts are when the most sinister creatures and complex elements arise making their shielding techniques crucial in this process. They want to learn how to command the energies and they often can be found with monsters that will follow them around during the shifts. Mutilation warlocks know how to connect and harness energies from the monsters, as well as various essences and substances. They also do a lot of work with the mutilated essence and disfiguration. There is a unique essence found within the darkness of their realm, so they take a lot of time to study it. They learn how to work within the darkness without it changing them, so they are great with execration and with understanding pain from the darkness. Due to the sheer nature of their realm mutilation warlocks can see the corrosive effects from the energy making them great healers and guides to work with it from a place of safety.

Noble Warlocks: Noble warlocks have a high vibrational and bright energy along with a complex darkness to them. Noble demons in general have a very diverse understanding of darkness. Noble warlocks will go through schools and develop a deeper understanding of darkness. They have a unique ability to connect with very sinister aspects of high vibrational darkness due to the distinctive connection they have due to their energies. The balance of high vibration with sinister energies within Noble demons is why they are often much darker than many others. Noble warlocks will often explore toxic and corrosive elements as well as the layered vibrations of darkness due to their high vibrational energies which allows them to have a complex understanding of darkness. They are very good at seeing problems and finding solutions. They know how to weave and bend high vibrational energies while adding layers of darkness. With the addition of their skill in manifestation, their spells are incredible at cutting through things and causing the desired focus to manifest quickly. This is why, when they create curses, they know exactly how to make it hit hard and fast. They can grasp concepts others can’t due to their complexity.

Solar Warlocks: Solar warlocks deal with the darkness of realms, the desert, the sun, and the dark side of the sun which illuminates all sides so they can fold reality to go inside it. They are good at dark journeys and they know how to get to unique and profound places. There are many different schools of working with dark energies in the solar realms as there are many mysterious elements and secrets that reside there. Within the solar realm, the warlocks and their teachers don’t like to reveal their secrets. There is a lot of mystery they keep in their work. They like to venture into pockets and extract essences within the darkness of the solar realm. There are incinerating elements of the sun that destroys life which leaves remains of what it incinerates. Solar warlocks will look for these remains as there is a darkness that can be extracted which they can work with that involves burning and transformation. They can use fire and dark fire to shed and burn away what is old. There is a transformative element in them as they use energy to release what needs to be let go of like blocks. They are good at opening up energies, however, every solar warlock will have their own unique secrets to reveal and their own spin on things.

**A HUGE Thank You to WindyJune who helped me by transcribing these notes for me so that we could make them available to all of you! THANK YOU WINDY!**


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