Stygian Void Demons

Stygian Void Demons

The Stygian Void Demons are the oldest group.  Formed at the cracking of The Void when Chaos and Divinity rose, though many say they were from before, they existed within a different state and always were.  They are complex in their Void essence and are empowered demons of raw darkness.   There is a layered complexity to them that makes them hard to read and understand.  Only ones who understand and are called to darkness can work with them and understand the darkness within them.  Their energy is complex and ancient

Their energy is dark, raw, and ancient. They have deep complexities and power when it comes to understanding and walking the essence of The Void.  They are the most ancient of the void demons and they have a deep understanding of the essence of The Void and of ancient times.  Their power is vast and incredible, as is their wisdom.  They see the world in layers and they see the connections and the interwoven darkness that courses through everything.

They are blunt and do not sugarcoat things and they are very empowered in their speech.  They are able to cut through the clutter and deliver raw and powerful messages. They have their own power and darkness and they know the depth of evil within the soul. They understand the events of history and the passage of time and how it has impacted and affected those. They see all events as part of the flow, part of the essence of what is, and part of what is all.

Some Stygian Void Demons are Dangerous and Sinister Warriors of Darkness.  They move through the shadows and are lethal weapons of death.  They are also masters of terror and horror and they know how to evoke madness within the minds of others.  The Stygian Void Demons are very sophisticated and they have vast and beautiful cities.  Their world is overseen by the Imperial Void Lords who are connected to the Core Demonic Alliance.  There are Void Lords who oversee the cities and various locations within The Void which is their territory. Their culture is ancient and deep, and they understand more of the layers of darkness within The Void than any demon.  Stygian Void Demons conjured by Satan and Sons are screened very carefully and go through many different rituals to ensure safety.  Ones conjured will always be connected to the Core Alliance.


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