Abyssal Demons

Abyssal Demons

Abyssal Demons:

Type: Outer Spiritual World God Entity 

Class: Demon 

Spiritual World Layer: Outer Spiritual World 

Realm: Abyssal Realm

Demons from the Abyss, Leviathan’s Realms.  They are from The Endless Ocean,  the Eternal Deep,  the Vast Abyss, and The Black Ocean.   Dark Lord and Emperor Leviathan is the Lord of the Abyssal Demons and the First Abyssal Demons.

The oceans of this realm are endless and the deep hides many secrets and many forgotten horrors.  It is a realm that is both dangerous and beautiful,  violent and calm.  It is one of much duality and one has to be careful where they venture as there are sinister creatures lurking in the depth.  It is a place of incredible beauty, but also unfathomable darkness and despair.  Those who have walked the journey of the void know the terrors that can await.

The Abyss is located in one of the darkest regions of the Underworld, only parallel to the essence of Chaos and Nothing.  The void of madness and chaos.  It is under the essence of existence and it parallels the void.  It is a place where the darkness rises from the insane mind of madness and chaos.

The Abyssal Demons rose from the darkness to defend and protect from the sinister creatures that rise from the shadows, they are calm and know the powers that they yield.  They walk with confidence and they are on alert for those corrosive beings to rise to conquer and destroy.

The Abyssal demons are very powerful protectors and very good at sensing their environment and what is hiding in their surroundings.  They have advanced senses and do not need to see to know where something is lurking.  They can sense when trouble is near and are great at preparing one for a treacherous journey and making sure that they are ready to face the dangers ahead.   They are great at warning one when they are in danger and taking action to defend against that danger.

They bring emotional stability and fierce protection also they can be quite vicious like raging waters to their companion’s enemies.  They can face down fear from a place of strength and calmness and they know how to walk through the gauntlet and the trials of life keeping calm and moving forward with strength and confidence.  They can offer comfort and help one to navigate difficult and overbearing emotions and they can help one to understand the complexities of their emotions and find peace within themselves.

These demons can have a dragon form and a water form they take which allows them to move fast through the water, as well as a humanoid demonic form.  Their dragon forms can be very beautiful as well as menacing.  The dread worms of the black ocean.  Their dragon forms are large and powerful and they are quite menacing.  They can help their companion to astral travel and move through the different dimensions of the spiritual world.  They can also guide their companion on deep emotional journeys and reveal to them the depth of their shadow in deep shadow work and healing.

They are all lovers of water and the deep darkness of the ocean.  They feel at home so if you are a scuba diver,   they will probably follow you in one of their forms.  They love the ocean and feel drawn to it.  Taking them to the beach or offering them salt water and sea shells will make them feel right at home.

They are not big on words but are powerful telepathic communicators and tend to prefer to communicate with images and mental pictures over words.  Some are more talkative than others but most do not engage in words unless they have to and even then it is usually one of two words meant to convey a larger meaning.  Though their powerful telepathy skills make them amazing communicators who can deliver deep symbolic messages to those they are working with.  Their telepathic skills can help them to awaken and stimulate their companion’s third eye and help them to develop and embrace their natural skills and abilities.

These are an ancient group of demons and one of the first to rise from the essence of the dark divine.  They are ones who are furthest away from the divine core and so they have a deep and profound understanding of the darkness and a very calm and balanced approach to walking and handling the deep regions of the abyss and chaos.  They make incredible companions and are amazing demons to work with.



Attunement: Outer Spiritual World Demonic

Attunement 2: Abyssal Realm

Communication with Abyssal Demons can be incredibly easy for some.  They are natural telepaths and can bridge a gap between your third eye and theirs.  This will create a communication bridge for telepathy.  Telepathy is a skill that everyone can do but many have a hard time trusting as Telepathy acts on the imagination to make sense of the energies coming through and unlike other psychic senses that rely on the physical senses to assist, telepathy relies on the imagination.  So it is one of the easiest to do with spiritual companions, but one of the hardest to trust.  Demonic Outer Spiritual World attunements of which a scroll included with each purchase will help one to attain this.  Further Abyssal attunements can help with communication and connection.   


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