Crypt Demons

Crypt Demons

The Crypt Demons are unique in that they are not part of the core demonic group.  They walk the crypt realms where death is rich. They care for the graves and they work with the energies of death, rot, and decay.   They love to move through the graves and the darkness of their world.

They are hunters and will stalk out their play, toying with it and playing with it just for fun.  They delight in torture, torment, and destruction and they love to see their enemies suffer.  They have no problem going full force and they can be incredibly powerful protectors.

They are a very fascinating group of demons and because they are not part of the core group they have a very different caste system than many of the other demon species.  They have very different values and morals than most and can be challenging to work with at times and it can take time to understand them.

Crypt demons are a very dark group of demons one of the darkness.  Their culture is incredibly different than most demons and as well ours and one must be very careful when asking for aid from a Crypt demon for they can take things very literally and they have a tendency to strike out and get revenge.

They can be incredible vengeful and sinister and they do not take kindly when they are betrayed.  Those who suffer their wrath always remember.

Their realm is under the mutilation realm and they have no boundaries and they take delight in things that most demons would find abhorrent.  They are not part of the core group of ruling demons and as such their ranks are unique.  There is a saying… never turn your back on a Crypt Demon…

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