Unique Spirits of the Dead from the Eternal Graveyard Realm connected to the Spooky Key Portal. Their Listing opens during the Halloween Season and can be found here… >>>Onitot Listing<<<

The Onitot are small spirits of death.  They enjoy wandering through the graveyards, bringing a sense of peace and happiness.  They are aligned with the peaceful essence of death and the celebration of a well-lived life.

These spirits radiate happiness and are jolly blobs of white energy that drift around and spread happiness and joy to those who meet them.  They are very friendly and informative and excellent at acting as guides.  They will take their companion on incredible tours through the graveyard and reveal beautiful and sublime places to them.

They are very soothing and can help one to feel better when they are sad, and they usually have a great sense of humour. They are wonderful at telling jokes.  They enjoy lifting the energies of any space, and they are always up for celebration and hearing about one’s compliments and triumphs.

They are adorable and friendly, and they can communicate effortlessly with the dead.  They speak in a dead language that soothes the dead and helps them to come to terms with their passing and what has happened to them.  They know how to bring joy to the faces of those who have passed and help them to honour their lives and the good times.

They are very talkative and playful and try to see the positive side of everything, especially death. They are wonderful around pets and children, and they practise a form of empowered necromancy that elevates the soul and stirs joyful memories of past lives and times past.  They can also help their companion explore their past lives and find healing from painful times and memories.

They are an absolute joy to have!


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