Unranked Demons

Unranked Demons

An unranked demon is a demon who has does not have a noble or royal title and has chosen to not pursue a career in the demon military. They might be younger and though they are powerful in their area’s of expertise, they have not been trained formally, but they still possess incredible skills and abilities.  Where they lack in official training and statues they make up for in their tenacity and life experience.  Some of them are also still in the lower levels of their profession, so they are still mages and scholars and warlocks, but they are still in training. These demons may be progressing in their journey or career, but they are also ones that can lean more towards working with their hands. Jobs such as mining, farming, repairing, or even assisting other demons on their own ventures. They can experiment and learn from their experiences of working in our physical world. They have little tricks and experiences that can help benefit their human companions through their own learning.

Unranked demons also have no nobility, royalty or military rank, not all the demons possess a status, but that does not mean they are not powerful and incredible beings in their own right.  Due to their vibrational frequency, many people find that it is easier to connect to a non-ranked demon and that they can be incredibly relatable on a personal level.  They are amazing friends and companions and they will walk with you, helping you and guiding you on your journey, sharing their knowledge and skills where they are needed. They can relate to human more because they share a lot of the same experiences. They can empathize with us and have a level of understanding where we are in our own journey. Unranked demons enjoy things like leisure and relaxing activities and have an appreciation for it than some demons of rank, who do not have an inclination for. They can be more geared towards relaxing and peace and tranquility.

Unranked demons tend to pursue arts, writing, fitness, sports, or they pursue any profession or career of their choice. They could also be jack of all trades, with many different interests, because they are exploring their interests. They are demons that specialize in a specific areas of magics or creating art, something that would be considered niche. For example, the process of writing without becoming a writer or writing spells without casting spells. They are happy to pursue their own interests. Some love exploring and travel, the landscapes that are there to enjoy.

They have their own passion and desires and many of them have incredible stories to tell.  While many people want to connect with the Dark Lords, the Unranked Companions are very grounded and they have a very deep understanding of their culture and the world that they come from.  They represent the daily life of demons, their unique powers and abilities.  Many of them are incredible creative and they are really fascinated with other beings and really looking to make powerful and profound connections with their human companions. Having an unranked demon can be quite reliving to those with high stress or anxiety because they can have a more laid back and relaxing atmosphere and personality.


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