Sombre Shade

Sombre Shade

Unique Spirits of the Dead from the Eternal Graveyard Realm connected to the Spooky Key Portal. Their Listing opens during the Halloween Season and can be found here… >>>Sombre Shade Listing<<<

These shadows do not speak, and they travel through the endless graveyard, hovering through the various dimensions.  They act as incredible guides and know all this realm’s secrets and forgotten mysteries.  They love a good mystery.  

They know the secrets, and they hear the whispers from the residents of the graveyard.  They are very good at hearing whispers and are able to divine incredible messages from the darkness.  They can teach their companion to listen and receive wisdom and insights from the whispers.  

They are also powerful and incredible protectors.  They will shield their companion against unfriendly eyes, and they will keep them safe from nefarious and vicious entities who wander and walk the endless graveyard.  They can cast powerful protection shields, and they have unique and incredible ways to defend and protect themselves and others. 

They can hear their companions and will help them as best as possible.  They make incredible guides and can show their companion safe ways through the graves.  They love to wander and explore, and they love to seek out what is lost and forgotten.  

They also will intervene and soothe the dead when they become too riled up.  They know how to telepathically communicate with the dead through sacred energies, and they can calm the restless spirits.  

They love to drift through the thick fog and help people find peace.  They know how to cross the dead over, and can help them to uncover what they need to nourish their souls.  This is true of the living as well, and they can help the living to enter into states of peace.  

They cast powerful shields of protection and can keep their companion safe from harm and guide them back home. They can help their companion to find what is lost within them and help them to integrate and understand the nature of troublesome shadows.  They have a surreal and incredible power to them, and they are amazing companions.

They are incredible to walk with! 


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