Noble Demons

Noble Demons

Noble Demons are an incredible group of very high vibrational demons that reside outside of the infernal realms in the Upper Demonic spiritual realms. Their realm exists very close to the divine core and as a result, they benefit from the powerful radiant energies of divinity. Divinity is not all light, Divinity is darkness and the demons encompass and represent the dark side of Divinity.

Nobel Demons deal with energies of manifestation, healing, high vibration, and freeing oneself from energies that bind them. They often live in luxury and like to surround themselves with people and things that increase their energy vibration and look to improve themselves and assist those around them, they don’t like to stoop to other people’s levels instead bring them up to a higher level and help them to see the world in a new light.

They are one of the more ancient groups of demons and as such have a rich history that is filled with mysticism and magic. They are very royal in their mannerisms and behaviors. They also take great care in their surroundings and like to have the areas they inhabit vibrate at the highest vibration possible.

Due to their energy being at such a high level they often can find powerful solutions to problems and can see a situation from all sides. They are very balanced in their magical workings and their physical prowess and can be quite intimidating when they get mad. Messing with one can be problematic as you usually have to deal with the family if you hurt one of their members.

They have complex family structures and take great care in raising children and making sure their families are taken care of. They can also be very independent and love to go out exploring and pursuing their own passions and interests. They are very intelligent and at times can appear cocky. They are incredible warriors and fighters and have a very disciplined and focused fighting style.

Their realm is very beautiful, it is old looking and has many structures from times long past. There are a lot of places of education and learning where when you travel there you can learn about them and their past. They are very big on learning and bettering themselves, questioning how things are done and making improvements as they go. Their world is a blend of the old and the new, honoring the old ways but eager to embrace new inventions and creations. They are very creative and brilliant.

General Appearance : 

They are quite a beautiful group to gaze upon with very handsome and stunning features. They have traditional trails and wings that demons have that allow for travel between the dimensions and the realms. Most have medium to large-sized horns upon their heads and they have incredible two to eight-toned eye colors. They all have a darker demon form they take when they get angry and channel their Demon Energy into a focused point that makes them very dangerous to any that crosses their path.

***fun note*** A good portion of Satan’s children and descendants (though they are usually mixed with other demon types) can be Noble Demons. Lord Satan and Lord Mammon are also Noble Demons.

***note*** This is a general overview of a very large group of demons, but these are common characteristics I have noticed.

***Noble Demons were discovered by Priestess Akelta on a Journey to the upper spiritual realm and are exclusive to Satan and Sun/Sons ~ The Demon Temple.  

The Characteristics that can Noble Demons have and can offer their human companions are as followed.

~ High Vibrational Darkness
~ Understanding of the dark demonic vibrations of divinity
~ Advanced spell casting and high vibrational magical workings
~ Complex understanding of situations
~ Perspective slicing and being able to see things from multiple angles
~ Powerful high vibrational shields and elements of protection
~ Powers to shift and change the energies of the areas around them
~ Understanding of business wealth and commerce
~ Strength and determination
~ Kindness and Compassion and a deep understanding of the balance of light and dark
~ Understanding of the darkness and how to navigate it
~ Intense understanding of psychology and shadow work
~ Helping to connect their companions with high-class people
~ Open doors and opportunities
~ Very good at negotiations and helping people get good deals
~ Powerful manifestos
~ Deep understanding of manifestation vibrations and the law of attraction.
~ Help one to uncover their passions and align with those passions
~ Raise one’s vibrations and help one attain luck in manifestation
~ Raise one’s quality of life
~ Help their companion learn enchantments
~ Teach power alchemy and energy transfiguration
~ Tap into and work with high vibrational divinity
~ Powerful guardians and protectors
~ Well connected with many ties to family and high-ranking demons
~ Help one to master Charisma and the Magnetic Gaze
~ Can teach mental mastery and focus and have a deep love of martial arts
~ Can show one how to awaken the hidden skills of the mind and attain incredible feats.
~ And so much more


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