Night Hag

Night Hag

The Night Hag

Type: Spirit Class: Graveyard, Necromancy  Spiritual Layer: Inner Spiritual World, Realm: Crossroad Death Realms The Night Hags rise from the women of power.  The death of witches whose power could not and will not be contained.  They are beings of incredible skill and talent. Especially in the areas of magick.  When a powerful witch dies, her energies leave a mark on the Earth.   From these energies rise the Night Hag.  Some are beautiful and powerful spirits who wander the Earth as teachers and guides. Others who had died in a horrific way.  The burning and the screams of the ancient witches who were set ablaze, their spirits and vengeful and they will seek out in the night those to terrorize.  The death of a witch can shape the nature of the night hag. They are very skilled with magick and some are aligned directly with Lady Hekate, the Queen of the Witches.  The ones who died horrifically are incredibly skilled with execration and baneful curses.  They know the poisons and the properties of death that come from plants and they are skilled and powerful beings.  They are the Crones of the Night. The Crone is the essence of power.  It is the divine empowerment of a woman who has seen it all.  There is danger and darkness in the crone, for she has been through all the phases and she contains the knowledge and the wisdom of the ages.  When a Crone speaks there is wisdom and there is depth, the Crone has knowledge from the other side and her power is in her presence.   She is empowered and she is beyond the point of caring what anyone thinks of her.  The energy of the crone commands those to listen, it compels the wise to hear what she has to say.  The Crone knows the duty of the ancient ways and she keeps the old practices.  They are very powerful magick yielders and ones of great energy. Night hags are known for their power and they are known for their skill.  They are ancient crones who have walked the world of magick and transcended the realm of the living with the realm of the dead.  They move through both, it is natural for them and they have the power to do so at will. They are very blunt and direct and do not mince words, but they are not cruel, they can be very healing to be around. They walk with the dead and hear from them learning their wisdom.  They often communicate with the dead and can teach their companion the art of necromancy and shadow awakenings.  They move through shadows and know the darkness of magick. They are powerful spell casters and often work with the old ways.  They know the seasons, they can read the signs and they can understand the shadows and what they speak.  They are wise and patient.  They can offer advice on when the best time to perform a working is. They say that many times when magick fails it is because it is cast when the elements and the seasons are wrong, you have to be in tune with the energies around you to bend the world to your will. They understand the dream world and can shift people out of their bodies and release them from the bindings of flesh.  They can take them on incredible journeys through the astral and shadow realms.  They are very powerful companions. Communication Attunement: Necromancy 2nd Attunement: Crossroads They are a spirit and as such are dead so one who is attuned to necromancy and understands the energies of death will have the ability to communicate with them.  Many say that spirits are weaker than entities, this is not true as they usually just require a different attunement for communication.  Necromancers are usually attuned to the frequencies required for deep and clear communication   They are also an inner spiritual world companion but they are attuned to our realms’ energies so one will already be accustomed to their energetic base.  For further communication, one will be able to increase their communication with them through attunements to the dead realms, specifically the energies of the crossroads. If you are called to one of these amazing companions please feel free to purchase them here.. 


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