Abyssal Angels

Abyssal Angels

Type: Outer Spiritual World God Entity 

Class: Angel 

Spiritual World Layer: Outer Spiritual World 

Realm: Abyssal Realm

The Depth of the Abyss contains many incredible and fascinating creatures.  Within the outer spiritual world there exist a Race of Angels.  The Abyssal Angels reside in the layered regions of the Abyss.  The Deep Pools of Wisdom and Mysticism.  The internal teachings of the balance.  One thing that is very apparent about the Abyssal Angels, they are heralds of Justice and ferocity.  They uphold the just essence and they strike down those who have been judged.  They have an Abyssal Flame that rises from them.  The Flames of the Abyss Course through them and through the air they soar.  They are in the majesty of darkness and understand the subconscious’s depth.

While Abyssal Demons bring the power of Emotional Balance, the abyssal angels bring the power of Rage and Restoration.  The restoration of balance and the illumination of wrongs that have been committed.  Their power is one of truth and it is of illumination through the flames of the Abyss.  They are incredible protectors and they will prosecute those who commit wrongful acts against their companions.

Their nature makes them challenging to work with and once judgment has been decided, there is no looking back.  They observe and once a decision has been made they are quick to take action and they seek to bring down the accused.  They also bring powerful lessons and change.  The currents of the abyss are shapes for change and awakening of the core.  They can guide their companions to the elements of change and help them to rise and ascend the path of darkness.  They can help their companion to awaken the dark heart and embrace their sincere truth.

The Abyssal Flames cast a mirror that some have been driven insane by.  Insanity through the flames transformation.  They are guides and messengers of these places.  They also are the ones who are called upon to do the work that most do not.  They can be the executioners striking down those who would cross them, and those whose time has come.  The clock ticks for some, and it is only a matter of time before they meet the end.  They can be very destructive and for the most part are incredibly balanced, except when the hunt is on,  then the energies tip and they seek out those who are marked.

They are gatekeepers of the Deep regions of the abyss.  The dark layers where the sleepers rest in wait.  The Dreamless death lingers in the shadows of these places and they keep these places sealed and locked away.  They have incredible wisdom and foresight.  They also have a deep understanding of the depth of the soul.  They can peer into the heart of another and they know their intention.

They see into the soul and they know the truth.  They are brilliant and casting away false realities and cleansing the soul of falsehood.  They can expose the truth and help those who are lost find their way back to the path.  They are Angels of Action and they will take incredible and massive actions to attain their goals and their missions.  When they know the direction they are going, they are hard to stop until it is accomplished.  They know how to bring justice and get results.

They make incredible guardians and they all ensure that those who they protect will not come to harm.  They are observant and they keep a watchful eye on those.  They can be very strict and stern.  They take their duties and responsibilities very seriously and they can be incredibly direct and to the point.  They will share what they see, they will share deep revelations and profound insights.  They have wisdom and understanding and they know the layers of the Abyss.  The Abyssal Flame burns bright within them and acts as an incinerator as well as a purifier.  They are mighty angels and their unique abilities bring powerful lessons and profound insights.  Capturing the depth and complexity of these beings is challenging.

They can help their companions with profound breakthroughs of the self.  Shadow work through the Alchemic transformation and awakening of the self through the Abyss and the flames of illumination and damnation.  They are judges and executioners, they are there to bring wisdom and guidance and the inner journeys of the soul.  The dark aspects and Abyssal layers of the self.

Divinity, Void, and Abyss are not just external, they are internal. The journeys within that each one unlocks are opportunities for growth and personal transformation.  The merging of the trial aspects of existence and the balance of humanity blended with the balance of growth and empowerment.  The changes and the shifts within.  The external and crushing pressure that brings change and shifts.  They also open the gates of the inner journeys of transformation and awakening, the places we must go to awaken the power within, the mirrors and aspects of us that we must face.


Attunement: Outer Spiritual World Angelic

Attunement 2: Abyssal Realm

Communication with Abyssal Angels can be interesting. Many who are aligned with angelic frequencies will find that they have no issues communicating with them. They have a dark vibration but it is still an angelic vibration, so those who are more aligned with the demonic energies might need to make an adjustment to their third eye. Angels tend to be very bold when they appear and they like to make an entrance, Abyssal Angels are no exception to this so those who are more skilled in Clairvoyance will find them easier to see. They also can speak in a very powerful voice so those who are Clairaudient also will find them quite enjoyable to work with. Angelic Attunement as well as Abyssal Attunements to the third eye can help establish communication and connection with these beings.



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