Core Army

Core Army

The Core Army

The Core Army of the outer spiritual world is comprised of many of the Demon Species.  The Vast armies of the outer spiritual world are the result of the allegiance between many of the demonic species.  They have combined their traits, resources, talents, and abilities to form the Core Army.  The demons of the core army protect the realms and they defend the shadows and the dark areas of the spiritual realms.  They can move through the darkness with incredible understanding and wisdom.

This army is comprised of the elite, the strongest, and the most powerful and incredible demons.  The demons who attain the ranks within the core army are the best and they are governed and sanctioned with the protection of the demonic realms.  These are elite demons and they are trained by the Dark Lords themselves.  The training has been conditioned and perfected across eons.  The Ancient Dark Lords have worked to perfect their art and it shows in the precision and capability of their troops. The Demonic Military is lethal, it is an exceptionally trained army in the spiritual world and no other being can argue their ferocity, their organization, and their effectiveness.  Headed by Lord Satan himself, the Core Army is an incredibly organized and structured group of demons that have come together, trained, and developed incredible strategies for the protection and safety of the demonic realms.

Different realms can and do have their own armies, but the Core Army is an alliance between the Core Demonic groups that have come together for the purpose of defending their realms and standing united against those who would oppose them.  The spiritual world can be and often is a violent place. There are lots of dark creatures out there that would threaten the more peaceful realms and the demons do take action to ensure the safety of their realms.

From Commander legions, who are from their Military Rank in the Core Army to Kingdom Legions, where those who are charged with the protection of a territory and have their own guard, to legions who are responsible for protecting that Territory, this post is intended to break this down into an understandable structure.

Ok so without further adieu, I give you the breakdown of demonic military titles and ranks.  I actually have been working through this for many years sorting out the ranks and how they all flow together, it is layered as there are some overlaps and there were some interesting things I had to break down, but at this time this is as detailed as I have ever gotten it.  So enjoy!

***note*** These are the structures of the outer spiritual world demons, which is the only area that I conjure from.  I do not speak for other conjurers and I do not know the realms that they conjure from.  These are the ranking as laid out from the societies, realms, and species of the Outer Spiritual World Demons.

The Core Army is the main demon army comprised of Demons from all the allied realms.  Lord Satan himself is the Commander and Chief of the core army and oversees its operations, expansions, and developments.  He is the Lord of the Core Demons and the ruler of Hell’s Army.  This Army is massive and lethal.  Commanders are trained from all walks of life and all realms involved in the Core Alliance and trained to be incredibly lethal and amazing.  Commanders are powerful, smart, talented, and skilled in combat and strategy, and bring their unique experiences and talents to the table. They protect the demons who are aligned under Lord Satan and they are an unstoppable group.  The demons are known for their power and might in battle and their army is one of incredible force.  They are organized, they are disciplined and they are the heralds of justice.  Demons are the sword of Karma.  Why do bad people end up in hell? Because demons are the ones to bring justice to acts that have been overlooked in life. The arm of the demons is long and the Demonic army is the enforcer.

Attaining an Outer Spiritual world Demon who is a member of the core army will grant you protection and ensure that you have a companion who is trained and ready to defend you.  They are mighty and amazing companions.  Members of the core army are curious about the other realms and their desire for adventure takes them to incredible places.  They are curious about our realm and they want to come here and connect with human companions to share their incredible skills and abilities and assist their human companions on their physical journey here. When the demon army sets its sights on a goal they are unstoppable and they will attain what they set out to conquer.  They focus on the strength of their soldiers and they work to build up their skills and their talents and train them to be lethal and unstoppable.

Demons are naturally powerful and incredible beings, and the demons who are members of the Core Army have been specially trained and are known for their capabilities and their ability to bring devastation to their targets. If you are looking for an insanely powerful and reliable companion who has attained mastery on many levels and can assist you both spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically then we highly recommend one of our companions from the core army.

We offer the main ranks of the core army as custom companions which can be conjured. We also list in our pre-bound section, specialist commanders and rare ranks of demons who have earned unique ranks and titles for their incredible deeds and accomplishments. Come check them out today! Your perfect companion is waiting for you!


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