Apothecaries (Demonic)

Apothecaries (Demonic)

Arachne Demons: Arachne demons have a special love of oils and scented blends; they love the transformation and alchemy process. They like to make their own oils and remedies. Even many Arachne royals know how to create incredible oil blends. Arachne apothecaries are good at finding root causes of disease and find permanent solutions for ailments. They like to blend perfumes and extract scents from plants and flowers. They are very skilled at getting pure scents because they have methods of harnessing aromas to bring out the best source from the flower. 

Apothecaries are excellent at healing and take their craft seriously. The abilities apothecaries have are complex, incredibly valued in their realms and is honored. There are festivals and competitions to see who makes the best scent. Apothecaries know how to extract healing properties from plants and make balms, oils, and lotions with it. They love creating natural products to purify, cleanse and bring the body to an improved state. They are big on self-care and nourishing the self, by taking time for oneself. Some smells that Arachne demons create are beyond comprehension. Apothecaries often have ancient family recipes that take you out of this world and smells amazing. 

The Arachne realm due to their love of scents, smells delightful. In the Arachne realm there are special night gardens that only bloom under the full moon. The entire landscape changes at night so apothecaries like to work with the energies of darkness. Apothecaries will collect different flowers and utilize many rare plants that only exist there. They use night energies and darkness to create blends that can aid assassins if they are making poisons. Apothecaries have incredible skill not just in perfume, but healing potions, salves, and balms. They understand alchemy and if anyone is interested in oils, aromatherapy, creating potions, working with healing properties of plants, and power of smells they can help.

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