Underworld (Lowborn) Demons

Underworld (Lowborn) Demons

The Underworld Demons (also called the Lowborn Demons)  Reside in an Underworld realm in the infernal realms. They have a very structured and civilized social system. They have a vast understanding of law, philosophy, and science. They are also incredible magicians and alchemists, combining their many skills and paths.


Lowborn Demons can be found in both the inner spiritual world and the outer spiritual world, though they are not related. The Underworld Demons of the outer spiritual world are the Lowborn Demons that Satan and Sons conjure, these are the demons talked about in this article.


They are big on experimentation and love to work to understand the complexities and intricacies of the world. Lowborn Demons have a very structured society and excel in areas of science, philosophy, politics, mathematics, and law. They delight in delving into these areas and expanding and discovering new thoughts ideas and directions to take in their selected craft. They love to learn and many of them are incredible mages and scholars. They believe strongly in Academics and forms of advanced and higher education.


They are usually very passionate about what they do and have a passion for knowledge and perfecting their skills. Lowborns raise their children with a sense of discipline and pride and help them to sharpen their minds to excel in any area that they desire. They are intelligent and have a knack for seeing the fine details of a situation and finding logical solutions to problems most would have a hard time handling.


They also get a thrill out of what they are doing and are pretty savvy when it comes to making money and handling financial and business matters. They are very focused and powerful demons and thrive in areas of mental mastery and concentration. They will train for hours a day sharpening their mind and have incredible knowledge at directing and working with the flow of energies.


Lowborn Demons are great architects of life and can easily build a successful business from the ground up and when their power is unleashed they can craft and organize highly successful companies. They also can be exceptionally perceptive and capable of reading people. Their higher intellect does not take away from the fact that they are great warriors and those who excel in the ranks have put in just as much passion and commitment as those who unlock the secrets of knowledge.


They have a great love of technology and they love to improve the world around them through their brilliant mind and inventions. They have ancient libraries that are full of knowledge and wisdom and they tend to preserve and take very good care of things. They have an appreciation for old architecture and they enjoy things that last.


They have a very unique understanding of magick and being from the underworld they make incredible Necromancers and understand the darkness of the Underworld. They can see into the damnation of the soul and they can act as judges. Lies do not escape them and they can reveal the truth in any situation. They can also be incredible warriors and fighters and their disciplined and calculating minds make them deadly.


They govern the Underworld and the Underworld council and assist those who have passed and who are returning home by making sure their transition is pleasant. They also assist with the order and structure of the underworld assisting the underworld gods with how to organize the decease.


They have a unique understanding of the darkness and can shift the energies into powerful baneful and sinister curses, they are brilliant at execration magicks and they have no issues taking out anyone who would cross them.


They have deep knowledge of the Black Sun and its journey. They help souls to transition from one body to another and they also assist with the transition of beginning a living journey and returning to their true form soul selves. They are very structured and organized and can inspire incredible order and discipline in any area they enter. They have powerful brains and beautiful minds.


General appearance: 


They usually have paler skin as they spend much of their time in the underworld realms. They have beautiful sharp focused eyes and incredible features. They have medium to large horns and traditional wings and tails and like the Noble Demons have a dark shadow demonic form that they can take when they get angry.


***Fun Fact***Lord Lucifuge Rofocale, Lady Unsere, and Lord Beelzebub are Lowborn Demons. These two powerful Dark Lords and Dark Lady are proud examples of how balanced and incredible the Lowborn Demons are.   ***note*** This is a general overview of a very large group of demons, but these are common characteristics I have noticed.


The Characteristics that can Lowborn/Underworld Demons have and can offer their human companions are as followed.


~ Advanced understanding of Alchemy

~ Understanding of the Underworld and the Passage of the dead

~ Great organization and structuring skills

~ Incredible minds

~ Assisting with studies, memory retention, and mental mastery

~ Helping one to utilize the full power of their mind.

~ Understanding of Advanced Sciences

~ Understanding and knowledge of Philosophies

~ Understanding and knowledge of Languages

~ Understanding and knowledge of the Alchemic process

~ Understanding and knowledge of Mathematics

~ Incredible minds for debating

~ Intelligent conversations and wise

~ Teaching arcane arts and magickal schools

~ Understanding of Protection, Baneful, Execraton, Love, Healing, and Mind Control magicks

~ Powerful mages, spell casters, and necromancers

~ Great understanding of the knowledge of energy manipulation

~ Understanding of the underworlds currents

~ Understanding of the Qlipphoth and Kabbalah The tree of knowledge, the tree of life, the tree of death, the tree of wisdom

~ Understanding the dark nature of the soul

~ Understanding of the Black Sun

~ Understanding of the black heart of the soul

~ Understanding of the dark sides of the chakras

~ Knowledge and wisdom of shadowmancy and shadow craft

~ Can see through the unseen into the worlds between dimensions

~ Vast understanding of the underworld and its processes

~ Patient and wise in approach and will go to great lengths to teach and educate their students

~ Brilliant politicians

~ Have an incredible understanding of political structures and process

~ Enjoyment of history and the ancient worlds and the magicks contained within

~ Create tranquil and focused spaces for learning and education


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