Recruits (Demon Army)

Recruits (Demon Army)

Recruits – Joining the Demon Army is something that carrier prestige and honour.  All those in the army are treated incredibly well and Commanders enjoy the status and power that comes from attaining such a rank.  There are many who wish to join the Demonic Army and there are many who sign up.  Not all of them make it.  Recruits are those who are first initiated into the Demon Army.

When they arrive are tested. They are put through their paces and tested for skill and ability.  They are pushed incredibly hard to ensure that they have the mentality and understanding of what they are getting themselves into and to make sure that they have what it takes. They have to pass trials and the tests in order to be accepted.  Demonic Warriors are treated incredibly well and no one is considered expendable so they ensure that everyone who signs up is able to handle the pressure that comes with being in the Demonic Army.


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