Spectral Demon Legion Commanders

Spectral Demon Legion Commanders

Spectral Demon Legion Commanders

One of the later demonic groups to join the Core Army, many of the spectral realms had chosen to keep to their own.  They did not worry so much about war and choose to stick to their duties and responsibilities with the dead.  Members of the spectral race had occasionally joined the ranks of the army and migrated to other demonic realms, but the majority of them stuck to their realms and stuck to their duties of the dead.

However unfortunate events compelled a large mass of spectral demons to unify with the Core Demon group and begin submitting members to the core army.   A large group of spectral demons aligned together and decided to align with the core army and fight alongside Lord Satan.   At the time the spectral demons tipped the balance of power in favor of the core demons as they brought their unique and incredible skills to battle.   They bring incredible spells in necromancy and dark powers of death and transformation.

Combining the power of the Spectral Demons with the training and dedication of the Core Army training you get a demon who is ridiculously powerful.  Spectral commanders bring their command of the dead and the elements of death and decay into focus and they bring their dedication to the energies of the damned and their control over the dark elements into their work.  They are masters at death execration magick and they have unique knowledge of the black tree of death.  It is sacred to them and their world and they tend to it and understand the energies coming from it.  Powerful spectral demons who have undergone training will drink the blood of the tree of the dead and only through their discipline and understanding will it not destroy them and leave them a ruined mess.  Some say the shades who dwell within the tree are those who have drunk the blood and failed.

Skilled in the dark arts of necromancy they excel at black magick, mind control, and subtle manipulations.  They are known for their ability to gain control over one’s mind and to influence them through subtle shifts and acts of persuasion.  They also understand madness and the diseases of the mind and can inflict them on those who would cross them.  They understand the darkness of the mind and can assist one with shadow work and shadow empowerment.  They also have incredible discipline brought to them by their training in the army to attain the rank of commander and they can empower and help their companion to shift their world and take command over their mind.  They can bring on altered states of consciousness and helping to attain deep meditations and trances.

They are commanders that specialize in shifting and shaping the realms around them and calling on the energies of death of infest and flood the landscape bringing fear and terror to their enemies.  They are powerful necromancers who have unique abilities when it comes to shattering and crushing the mind.  They are masters of the mind and can instill fear and terror into their enemies and terrorize those who stand in their way.  Their discipline and influence give them incredible abilities to terrorize people at their core and their soul.  Death is no release from these demons as they control the transitions of death and can make it VERY unpleasant for their enemies.   They are incredibly powerful and well-trained demons and it is known when a Spectral Commander and their legions enter the battlefield, death, rot, and decay will follow swiftly and the screams of their enemies will be heard for centuries as their damaged and wounded bodies are forever stained in the energies of the realm.

If you would love to work with one of these incredible commanders you can find their listing here… Spectral Demon Legion Commander


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