Spectral Demon Death Count

Spectral Demon Death Count

Spectral Demon Death Count

Spectral Death Counts are the Nobility of the Spectral Realms.  They are powerful warriors and are charged with the protection and security of the Spectral Realms they oversee.  Spectral realms are vast in energies, but they are meant to allow for the dead to have safe passages.  The nature of the spectral realm will determine the skills and abilities of the count for they will have to adapt to defend and protect their realm.

They are responsible for realm safety and protection of the Realm and the Spectral demons who reside there.  They are overseen by a Lord and Lady who are the realm royalty.  At times many of them are called to serve Kings and Queens of the Core Alliance and so they will have multiple duties for both.  They can end up with both the title of Death Count which is a realm and species-specific title, as well as a Core Alliance Nobility Title, depending on their duties.

Death Count of a spectral realm is only granted to Spectral Demons who are in the Noble service of a Lord or Lady of a spectral realm.  This is a realm-specific title.  They are skilled warriors and strategists and they are usually very skilled at shifting the energies around them as spectral demons have abilities in battle to shift the realms’ energies to give them the advantage so they know how to access and work with the energies to shift the realms and bend them to their will.

They are members of the Lord’s Court and they meet often with the Lord of their Realm who is the ruler to discuss what is the best course of action.  As the Nobility of the spectral realms, they are very honorable and very committed to their duties.  They are very disciplined and very well-trained.  They also have abilities to command and lead and to inspire those to rise up in the face of struggle.  They are empowering and can help their companion to attain what they desire in life.   They have powerful shielding abilities and usually come with unique wards and shields to protect against attacks and unwanted spiritual forces.

They are trained in defense and powerful attack skills.  Counts usually are very strategic and have the ability to utilize what is around them to protect and secure their realms.  They have a wide variety of shields and arsenal at their disposal and they usually command other spectral demons who act as their realms army.  They know their realms, they understand the energies and the terrain.  They know how to access and utilize the unique energies that their realm brings.  Some realms are darker and more dangerous them others and the Death Count will reflect that.  They tend to take on the energies of their realm as they understand it so intimately.

They are very powerful and incredible demons who work well under pressure and understand the depth and complexity of the death realms and the spectral realms.  They are powerful guides and can help one with safe astral travel and protect their companion during out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.  They can also help their companion to attune to different realms and awaken their natural psychic senses.  They are incredible companions and guides.


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