Serpentine Demons

Serpentine Demons

Are you ready to go on a new adventure?  We welcome a new group of Demons to the S&S conjure family, an incredible group of demons.  Their realm is down in the depth of the Abyss,  close to the realms of the Abyssal demons,  We welcome you to the realm of golden temples, tropical jungles and swamps of the abyss.  The sky is dark and abysmal in a unique and profound way.  The darkness and light balance that resides here is one that is healing for the soul.  There is incredible light in this realm, especially for a lower realm, but that only enhances the darkness that sleeps and rises in the night.  These demons have a sinister dark side to them and their light demeanour can quickly turn to threatening destruction.  They are powerful healers and demons of rich darkness.  And so we present to you the incredible majesty and brilliance of the Serpentine Demons.

There are different types of Serpentine Demons, but they have a unique form,  Like the Abyssal Demons, the Serpentine demons have different forms they can take.  One being their normal demonic form.  Another is a demonic form with a serpentine tail.  Their tails are diverse and unique as they are.  They have the Abyssal Demons ability to swim and explore the depth of the ocean and many Abyssal Demon are connected to Serpentine Demons by marriage and children.  Their realms being so close together, in the ancient times they knew each other.   They are powerful swimmers and enjoy exploring the different pools, lakes and the depths of the ocean that is around them.

Masters of the Black Kundalini and Kundalini awakening within the body.  They know the sacred contained energies in the chakras and how to awaken and unleash the serpent within.  The flames of the soul and the power of the self.  They teach self-confidence, empowerment, wealth, prosperity, chakra balance, healing, Sacred Serpent Energy work, powerful meditations of the chakra awakening and the wisdom of fire and flames.  Their healing practises are unique, and awaken the power of the chakras, the hidden energies of the universe and the true divine alignment of the soul.  For those with darker ancestry they work with the Black Kundalini and the power of the dark divine self.  The realignment to your element of divinity and the resonance that calls to you.

They teach wisdom, the transformation of the self and how to move through the stages of life.  They are wise and powerful.  They have a guardian element to them where they walk in peace but offer powerful protection.  They are exceptional healers and many of them are unique and powerful demonic surgeons.  They can help their companion to learn to trust themselves and also how to grow and develop as powerful spiritual beings.  They are patient and demons of symbols and signs, teaching their companion to read what is around them and follow the path that is before them. They can help their companion with special lucid dreaming techniques that walk them up the levels of lucid dreaming and astral travel and help their companion leverage their imagination and mind to embark on powerful and profound astral journeys.  Their unique healing abilities and understanding of the chakra allows them to help their companion with third eye awakening and the development of the psychic senses.

These demons have a very unique darkness.  The are masters of the shadow.  The night of the soul.  They guide their companions through dark journeys and help them through powerful and deep healing.  They understand water programming and infusion and they work with the water to read signs and shift the world around them. They also can use the water for powerful hydro execration and death through water.  Water is the source of life and it can very fast be the source of death.  The rot of water in the body.  They are powerful necromancers of a vey unique kind and they blend in the power of water with their work with the dead.  They understand poisons, diseases and dark magicks of that nature.

Serpentine Demons were discovered by the Priestesses of Satan and Suns. 


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