Royal Generals

Royal Generals

Royal Generals  – The Royal Generals are the Generals who assist the Royal Commanders and High Demon Commander.  They are of Royal descent and usually rise in the ranks with the commander they were paired with.  Their job is to assist their commander and help them train and oversee their personal legions and assist them with organizing the commanders under them.  Generals at this level have earned their rank and usually have been paired with their commander for eons.  They have risen in the ranks with their commander each learning to understand each other and using their combined skills to develop battle plans and strategies.  They know their Commander and can step in and take control of their legions if they need to.

***note*** The only demons who can become royal demon generals are the members of the Royal Families,  Just a note, not all members of the royals families who are generals have attained this rank, it is not a given rank, it is one that is earned, but it can only be earned by members of the Royal families.  Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase.  


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