Lunarian Demons

Lunarian Demons

Lunarian Demons:

Type: Outer Spiritual World God Entity 
Class: Demon
Spiritual World Layer: Outer Spiritual World 
Realm: Lunar Realms

The Lunarian Demons Exist within the Lunar Realms of the Outer Spiritual World. It is a place of eternal night where the darkness caresses all that it touches and wraps those who reside there in its profound embrace. They are demons of darkness and demons of the sacred moons that look down on the night realms of the Outer Spiritual World. These are places of profound darkness, mystery, and magick. The energies that flow here are calming and serene. They touch deep aspects within the soul and provide tranquillity and peace of mind for those who wander into these sacred and surreal places. There is beauty in this world.  It is a place of eternal darkness and sublime magic that moves to the dark folds of space and time, woven within the tranquil landscape of the lunar realms. There is deep magick here, wrapped in the sacred blanket of the night. There are gardens with flowers that only bloom in the Night.

For this is a place of Eternal Night.  It is a place where the darkness of the moon and the darkness of the night empower all they touch. There is secret energy of shadow and moonlight woven throughout the realms and the Lunarian Demons are connected to it and in tune with it.  They communicate telepathically and their minds are sharp and focused.  They have advanced psionic skills and they know how to awaken the mind power that is within.  The moonlight holds the key to the magic, for it is a sacred light that can be bent and infused into objects to cast powerful and profound spells. Moonlight is focused and concentrated and it can be a powerful weapon to those who know how to command it.  The moonlight is used for focused spells of manifestation.

The Lunarian demons are incredibly skilled at manifestation and they are skilled at creating objects of great wealth and affluence. They are demons of abundance and prosperity, dressing in the finest clothes and wearing elaborate gems, and rare metals that are only found by mining the deep caves of the moons. There are gems within this place that are not found anywhere else and the Lunarian Demons know how to extract the magic in the sacred energies in each gem. Each gem and the crystals of their world contain unique energies that are complex and layered.   These demons have the skills and abilities to draw these energies out and use them for various spells, rituals, and for enchanting. All of their magic is deep and profound and it is infused with prosperous energies unique to their realm. Their kingdoms are places of extreme wealth and abundance and they are beautiful and massive to behold.

The Lunarian Demons are very connected to the Noble Demons and the Ruling Lunarian Houses have great ties with the Ruling Noble Houses.   The Lunarian Demons are very diplomatic, though they do have skilled warriors and battle mages.  Their spellcasters are powerful warriors and they always blend magick in all their professions.  Even their warriors know how to wield magick.  They love philosophy, science, the theory of magick, the theory of the science of magick, and theories of the moon and lunar energies.  They also enjoy the exploration of all schools of knowledge that explore the depth of magick. There are massive crystals that are found within the realm which contain complex and beautiful magics that are capable of attaining incredible feats. A lot of the manifestation ability comes from the fact that these crystals have the power to bend and warp the energies around them and bring into their world whatever they desire.

They are very skilled at bending and working with the magic of these crystals. These crystals can open portals and take them to sublime and dark beautiful locations within the lunar realms. The Lunarian demons work with the surreal and sublime magics and they are very skilled at working with gems and using their energies to attain what they want and desire.  They are powerful manifestors and it is why their world is filled with wealth and abundance.  They have deep and ancient trade contracts with the Noble Demons and the two demon species are very connected to one another. They move through realms of mysticism and beauty. Places of incredible dark imagery and creative vibrations, these realms are places of stimulation and inspiration. Many of their artists move through the different dark lunar realms to be inspired to produce and create. Art and music are very important to them as is their culture, which they believe is sacred. It is something that they cherish and uphold. They love dance and theatre and they love the performing arts and opera.

There are caverns in caves where vast cities exist, powered and guided by the crystals that caress the walls. There are some cities that are all Crystal and the demons are very in tune and connected to the crystals of their world. They also love the moons and the celestial bodies that guide them in the night and they are guided by starlight and moonlight. There are sacred energies within each of the darkness and profound beauty in them which they are aligned with. It is surreal and tranquil and it is something that relaxes and rejuvenates their souls. They heal with the lunar currents and they heal with the energies of the night, replenishing the soul and refueling it. They allow the energies to move in, filling holes in their aura and filling holes and gaps in them. They are demons of the dreamworld and demons of dreams. They understand dreams in a profound way. They know the complex layers of dreams and they understand the sacred symbols that move not just the individual, but also through their culture and their individual experience. They practice different forms of dream divination.

They can teach their companion various forms of lucid dreaming and how to command their dreams and access different layers in the dream world. This can be from the place of pleasure and passion to the dream well of nightmares. There is a darkness to them, for they understand nightmares and they understand the sublime shadow currents of the realm. Some Lunarian Demons are incredibly dark. They move through the shadow currents of the realm, casting spells of banishment and execration. There are Shadowmancers and warlocks of their realm who understand the creatures that hide in the folds of darkness surrounding the moons. They understand the complex darkness of the moon and they know how to bend it and forge it into complex rituals of self-awakening and empowerment.

They are demons of empowerment and they are demons of incredible magic. They know how to cast powerful spells and they know how to move the lunar currents around them to cast moonbeams and moonfire to protect themselves. They cast Shields and wards with lunar fire and their protection magics are some of the strongest. They protect their cities and they protect their citizens, for they know what lurks in the shadows of the moon. They understand it and they are in perfect balance with it. They know how to defend against it and they themselves can defend their companion against these foes. The Lunarian Demons are demons with profound minds for magic and a deep understanding of how magic works and the mystical nature of their world.

They love exploring the depths of magic within the world and I love exploring the moon, lunar, and Crystal connection to their world. They are beautiful and profound demons to work with and they can teach their companion about crystals and accessing the deep and profound energies of those crystals. They can also kid teach their companion how to weave magicks and how to cast powerful spells which will change their life and shift the very nature of their world. They are beautiful profound and amazing demons and we are delighted to finally be able to offer them as companions.


Attunement: Outer Spiritual World Demonic
Attunement 2: Lunar Realm

Communication with Lunarian Demons can be incredibly profound. They have powerful minds and they can help their companion to expand their psychic senses and open up the depth of one’s abilities. They can help their companion to open their mind and train their psychic senses.  They know how to build a communication foundation and they know many attunements for stimulating the third eye.  The mind is something they are familiar with and their energies are soft and soothing.  Their energies naturally stimulate the third eye as they can help other companions shift into the state before one sleeps and before one awakens, so they can help nourish one’s natural abilities. Demonic Outer Spiritual World attunements of which a scroll is included with each purchase will help one to attain this.  Further Abyssal attunements can help with communication and connection.   


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