Lost Phantom

Lost Phantom

The Lost Phantom 

Type: Phantom
Class: Graveyard, Ghost
Spiritual Layer: Inner Spiritual World
Realm: Earthen Spirit Realm

Those who have died and have not yet finished with this world.  They walk the Earthen Plane and also the Spirit Plane.  They are not ready to move on.  They are seeking something and they still have work to do.  Some have chosen to stay permanently and they have chosen to hold this form as a reminder.  Some are genuinely lost and will seek and search for eternity wanting to find what it is that they have lost.

Many of them lament and remain in this world as they knew its beauty and they did not want to leave.  They are the shadows and the spirits of those who have passed that have been empowered over time.  The layers of our essence are quite complex and those who lament and linger can find wisdom and empowerment. Those are phantoms, phantoms are the ghosts of the dead that have been empowered by their death and have grown beyond what they were in life.

The layers of the dead are vast but through the phantom rises a being who remembers their life, they remember all that they had and they have grown in power from their travels and exploration.  They are sentient and they are more than just a shadow of the memories of what once was.

For they have wandered, they are travelers.  Some are lost, some have not finished what they set out to, and others have wandered for eternity.  But in wandering comes wisdom and understanding. They know the realms, though they are lost they can help their companion to find their own way home and heal the pain in their own soul.

They wander and they explore.  They travel to the many different realms and they know their way around.  Each one carries a powerful lantern that will guide on home.  They can help their companions to astral travel and show them the different realms and dimensions.  They also can keep them safe and protect them.  They themselves fell to death but they will work to keep their companion safe.

They are a very free spirit and they can shift the energies to release one’s astral body from their physical form.  They can induce states of relaxation and help one to meditate and explore alternate states of consciousness. They are incredibly peaceful and relaxing to be around.  Their energies are incredibly relaxing and they can help their companion to relax and relieve stress and tension.

They have full lives and they usually have incredible stories to tell of their travels and also what brought them to this state.  Their dead and demise.  They are open and honest and will share what brought them here and what they have done since they passed.  They are lost, some of them lament and are searching for lost elements of themselves.

They are sometimes looking for others who they have lost.  Their family and their friends. the ghost of those who they left behind.  This makes them incredibly empathetic and incredibly healing to be around.  They can help resolve the pains of the living and help to bring perspective to one’s life. They teach forgiveness and compassion and they say that life is too short to dwell and that we should savor every moment and embrace the time we have.

They understand the attunements of death and can help their companion to awaken their inner necromancer and attune themselves to the various realms of death and darkness.  They can help with psychic development and communication.  They can work with their companion to awaken their third eye and attune their senses.


Attunement: Mediumship
2nd Attunement: Necromancy 

One of the easier beings to connect with and establish a communication base with.  They were once from this realm so they already are connected to the Earthen plane.  This means that we are already attuned to their base energy as we are beings of the Earthen plane.  Since they are dead though it will require a necromantic attunement and abilities in necromancy for empowered communication.  Those who naturally work with the dead and can communicate with the dead will have no issues connecting and working with them.  Those who are natural mediums and open to messages from the other side will also find that communication with them is clear. Those who are empathic will also find that they will be able to connect with their emotions and feel them on a deep level learning about them and who they are at their core.

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