Hellfire (Hellborn) Demons

Hellfire (Hellborn) Demons

Hellborn Demons can be found in the Inner Spiritual World and the Outer Spiritual world, though they are two different types of demons.  The Demons that Satan and Sons conjures and works with are the Hellfire Demons of the Outer Spiritual World, which due to their location and personalities, make them also a Hellborn Demons.  Satan and Sons does not conjure Hellborn Demons from the inner spiritual world.

The Hellfire Demons (Also called Hellborn Demons) come from deep within the Hell regions of the infernal realms in a region that is quite warm and fiery. Their energy is very fiery and volcanic, radiating throughout their realm and also in their personality. There are some places where the air is thick and warm filled with steam and heat can be intense.

The intensity of heat in their realms is unmatched and the Hellborn demons are some of the toughest that you will meet as they thrive in such a climate.  Their realms are beautiful, fertile lands and there are rich volcanoes mixed among beautiful rock formations.  There are many different levels to the Hellborn realm and they are all quite incredible and beautiful to behold.

They are a passionate group of demons who can be quite hot-headed and are quick to jump to rage and fighting. They seldom back down from an argument or fight and can be very violent in nature.  They are the type that one moment is in a heated fistfight, and the next they are laughing.  They are some of the most entertaining and hilarious demons you will ever meet.  They are loud, boorish, blunt have no shame, and also are very proud of who they are and their heritage.

They are fighters through and through and incredibly tough.  They are incredibly loyal to those they call family and incredibly dangerous to those they call foe.  They are a very physical-based society and love things like physical combat, martial arts, gladiator events, and physical fitness.  They take incredible pride in the feats of their realms and can be incredibly stubborn.  Hellborn demons are very hands-on and physical and they also love sex and sexual encounters.  They like to get in there and take charge and bring massive results and change.

The higher ranking ones have family structures, The Hellborn Royalty and Rulers have proud lines of family,  while the common ones seem to live in communal settings where one seldom even knows who their parents are.   Some are more family-orientated than others though there are levels of the Hellborn realms that are very rough.  The Hellborn realm has many regions to it and the demons can be spread out in tribes in the outskirts.

There are organized cities and the Ruling Hellborns reside in magnificent structures.  Their realm is interesting as many places are very worn and decimated.  They are very big on tradition and very stubborn to change and will hold onto the old preserving the old ways. They love to work out and use any excuse to work their muscles and move.  They love physical exercise and working one’s body to the fullest.

Red Hellborns: Deep in the Hell Realms are the realms of the Red Hellborns.  They are an incredible group of demons who are incredibly massive and powerful in force and might.  Mighty warriors who are adept in battle and fighting.    The second largest on average of the Hellborn species they are incredibly fierce, physical, and menacing.  They are powerful gladiators and warriors and are admired and known for their strength and stamina.

Blue Hellborns:  The blue hellborns come from a very secluded area of the infernal realms,  a place where volcanoes spew blue lava.  They are incredible craftsmen and artisans.  Able to forge magnificent weapons and incredible works of art out of metal and leather.  They are incredibly talented in their arts and are known for the weapons and armor they create.  They work the forges and can make great works of art.  Some specialize in jewelry and others, incredible arts.  The Blue Hellborns are artisans that are known throughout the Infernal realms.  They have incredible shades of deep blue hues for skin.  Though they are not quite as muscular as the red Hellborns, they still are incredibly mighty and fierce,  they are the third largest of the four Hellborn species.

Purple Hellborns:  The mystical Hellborns who reside in a very fascinating place where the volcanoes spew purple lava.  This area of the Hellborn realms is layered with incredibly deep magicks of the ground.  The magickal stream runs through the lava, the waters, the soil, and the air and these Hellborns have learned to work with powerful mystical energies that are around them.  They are incredibly gifted in the areas of magick and sorcery and have an incredible understanding of the ground and the energies around them.  They have beautiful hues of purple skin and long horns atop their head that they usually adorn with jewelry.  They are the smallest of the Hellborns though they are still incredibly muscular and fierce.  They are also very wise and calculating, they are not ones you want to cross.

Grey Hellborns: A mysterious group of Hellborns that come from an incredibly dark realm.  The Lava is cooler and almost black in color.  The mountains are black and dark and the realm is very grey and void of colour.  These Hellborns are very patient and work with divination of the ash and lava.  They read the signs around them and can see things that are unseen.  They are sign readers and they are very powerful with divination.  Being the largest of the Hellborns they are also incredible warriors who are skilled in battle.  They are disciplined in battle and they work with powerful mind exercises to focus and concentrate their strength and power.  They combine focusing to channel their might into powerful focused and precise moves.

General Appearance: 

There are a few subspecies of Hellborns.  They can have Reddish to Orangish Skin, though some have Blue Skin, Purple Skin, and Grey Skin.  They are usually very tall and muscular and the females can be just as ferocious as the males.  They are incredibly tall and muscular and have large to massive horns atop their head which they are really proud of.  They have wings and tails like most demons do.  Female Hellborn demons work very hard to rise through the ranks and become commanders as it can be a struggle not just competing to be the best, but struggling with the brash nature of other Hellborns and Hellborn Males.

The Characteristics that can Hellborn Demons have and can offer their human companions are as followed.

~ Incredibly physical and powerful
~ Ability to shift the world around you with force and the power of voice
~ Make you laugh
~ Powerful protectors and incredibly mighty warriors and defenders
~ Vengeance seekers, these are demons who will go after enemies and make swift work of them
~ Training and helping one to develop their physic
~ Master any athletic sport you desire
~ Coach and train you to get in shape and stick to an exercise routine
~ Work with the power of fire and burn away blocks in your path
~ use the transformative power of fire to bring vast changes
~ Train one to fight and defend them
~ Use powerful fire shields to surround and protect their companion
~ Keep them safe from harm.
~ Help one to learn mastery of the flame
~ Bring swift and powerful results
~ Use the power of the flames for healing and burning away blocks and negative energies
~ Develop goals and training to help accelerate getting in shape and building muscles.
~ Helping one to develop confidence and command with the power of their voice
~ Confidence and learning not to care what others think
~ Helping find who you are and being true to you
~ Manifestation through force and brute strength
~ Massive and direct action taking that brings fast and incredible results
~ Disciplined and harsh, pushing one to attain their goals
~ Revenge and vengeance magicks and action
~ Removal of one’s enemies.
~ Physical training and accelerating one’s physical growth
~ helping one to raise their power and ability.
~ Helping one to raise their energies and channel the beast within
~ Accessing and working with one’s primal self
~ Manifestation through the fiery primal energies of the root chakra

Blue Hellborns

~ Inspire one to attain mastery in their trade
~ Assist one in learning the art of being a blacksmith
~ Assist one with leatherwork
~ Assist one with jewelry creation
~ Assisting one to attain mastery in their craft
~ Inspire the creative centers of the mind
~ Focused and determined
~ Creative skill mastery

Purple Hellborns

~ Embrace the dark elements and their powers
~ Attain mastery over the elemental forces
~ Work with the power of the darkness
~ Understand the layers of the deep flame
~ Work with the colored flames and understand their purpose
~ Understand the art of Hellborn magicks
~ Work with the diversity of the flame
~ Mastery over magick and energies
~ Powerful magical workings incorporating fire for powerful

Grey Hellborns

~ Incredibly disciplined fighters
~ Can help one to master martial arts
~ Can open one up to the advanced areas of the mind and mental power
~ Help one to utilize and access the potential of the human mind.
~ Channeling the power inside into powerful blows
~ Increasing one’s strength through focus
~ Channeling the muscles into focused and powerful moves
~ Raising the energies vibrations around you for focused and precise movements.


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