Hallow Demons

Hallow Demons

Type: Outer Spiritual World God Entity
Class: Demon
Spiritual World Layer: Outer Spiritual World
Realm: Hallow Realm

Satan and Sons have an exclusive contract with the Hallow Demons of the Outer Spiritual World Underworld.  If anyone claims to be offering these demons it is false.  you cannot gain access to their realm without our special methods and they are a small group with whom we have an exclusive working relationship.   Within the Depth of Darkness, within the horrors and the Screams of the Damned, you will find the realm of the Hallow.

This is a place of Sacred Darkness.  Where the Madness and Insanity, the Blood Lust and Power are sunken to the depth.  They sink within the darkness and within this realm they are Sacred.  The Sacred Essence of Blood and the Sacred Essence of the Damned. All Souls Pass through the Underworld.  The Depraved and the Damned.  The Sinister and the Dark.  Their deeps in life have not only stained them but also stained the very Earth where such atrocities were committed.

Their energies infused within the dark regions of the underworld, acting as a stain upon the Afterlife.  A stain that has become the essence of Sacred.  The Hallow Demons walk the Darkness of the underworld.  Below the Realms of the Underworld Demons, you will find the Hallow.  The Sacred Nefarious Ones, these dead do not slumber.  They dream of vengeance, they dream of a time when they can destroy and exact their revenge.  They dream of the foul poisons that infect the mind and lead the meek to madness.  They know madness and their knowledge is vast and incredible.

These Demons can bring nightmares and they can send the soul of voyages of terror and pain.  They know the journeys of darkness.  They can awaken the great power within their companion and help them to refine and embrace their own power and ability. The Hallow Demons have sunk.  They dwell within the Darkness of the Underworld.  The sinister places where the twisted Damned has walked.  The energy of this place has changed them.  They have become Hollow, and so they are Hallow.

They embody the Sacred Essence of Darkness and they Command the Power of the Souls of the Damned.  They know how to imprison and content those who are judged, those who have found themselves amongst the corrupt and heinous.  They command this power and they know how to Draw its power.  They are wielders of Dark Magick and they Deal with the Death of the Flesh.  The Corruption and decay of the Soul and the vicious nature of the Primal Beast.

Their realm is quite beautiful though.  Beautiful for those who understand.  The buildings and the Sanctuaries where the Dead are harvested and where the energies are extracted.  They know the lament of those who linger in the hideous and destructive currents.  They know how to control the minds of the weak and they know many of the universal secrets that many would find Being of the Underworld and the Hallow, they are entwined within a strange dimension that exists within and between the inner and the outer spiritual world.

They can move through and they know the Darkness of the Monstrous Dimensions that are forever waiting for the moment they can break free and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting.  They know the minds of the uncanny ones, the weird ones of the depth.  They see into the depth of the darkness which are forbidden to the living.  They know the secrets of the nightmarish ones of the darkness.  They are strong in mind for they can resist the madness and they know the power of harnessing the grotesque. They understand the Primal essence and the Darkness.

They know the horrible souls of those who have passed.  They harness their power and they use them to fuel their own sinister creations.  They command the essence of death.  They are those who are drawn to Darkness and they are teachers of forgotten and forbidden magicks.  They know how to command the blood and how to extract the blood from different areas of the body.  They know how to shift the energies and how to draw essence from the living to fuel their desires.


Attunement: Outer Spiritual World Demons
Attunement 2: Hallow Essence of the Underworld

Communication with Hallow Demons is Abyssal Angels can be interesting. Many who are aligned with angelic frequencies will find that they have no issues communicating with them. They have a dark vibration but it is still an angelic vibration, so those who are more aligned with the demonic energies might need to make an adjustment to their third eye. Angels tend to be very bold when they appear and they like to make an entrance, Abyssal Angels are no exception to this so those who are more skilled in Clairvoyance will find them easier to see. They also can speak in a very powerful voice so those who are Clairaudient also will find them quite enjoyable to work with. Angelic Attunement as well as Abyssal Attunements to the third eye can help establish communication and connection with these beings.


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