Chaos Demon Matron/Patron

Chaos Demon Matron/Patron

In the Chaos realm, there is a very fascinating structure.  There are the ruling royal demons, followed by the nobility, but the realm is incredibly dangerous and each house has its own structure and mini-army.  Each individual house is ruled by a Matron/Patron and they are responsible for ensuring that house’s safety and also coordinating the resources with the nobility of the realm they reside in.  Each Matron/Patron controls all aspects of their house and they have their own ways of doing things.  They are incredibly innovative and they know how to get a job done. They are very organized, disciplined, and skilled.  They regularly report to and coordinate with the nobility and as such, they have a lot of skills and abilities which benefit them, and their house and can assist their companion.

They are always very mystical and engage in spiritual practices.  They can assist with astral projection and lucid dreaming and help their companion with divination and soothsaying.  They often are powerful spell casters as well as warriors as they have to be able to handle both.  They imply their own warriors and spell casters to guard their houses and they are usually very well connected.  They can show their companion how to read when danger is coming from the energies that are around them.   They thrive in areas where they have to think fast and solve problems and they are used to organizing large groups and coordinating strategies in chaotic situations.  They are powerful spell casters and magick workers and know how to work with the elements and the natural vibrations to attain results and get things done.  They know their realm and they know their terrain and they are very strategic and brilliant.


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