Barons and Baronesses (Demonic)

Barons and Baronesses (Demonic)

Barons and Baronesses – The Demonic Barons and Baronesses of the outer spiritual world are responsible for a portion of land in a territory and are responsible for governing that land and making sure that everything runs smoothly within it. 

The territories of the outer spiritual world are incredibly vast, and it does help at times to have nobility assigned to oversee the small regions within that territory. This is where the Barons and the Baronesses come in. This allows the Kingdoms and Territories to run smoothly as the nobility Coordinates with the Royalty to ensure everything is functioning and people are happy. 

Abyssal Demon Barons and Baronessess
Within the Abyssal Realm, there are massive areas of the black ocean which are overseen by various Abyssal Royalty.  The Barons and Baronesses of the Abyssal realms manage various portions, which can be both on land and in the ocean.  The cities of the Abyssal Demons venture deep into the ocean depth and are set up to accommodate all forms of Abyssal Demons (their sea serpent/dragon form, swimming form, and demon form). The Barons and Baronesses can also oversee portions of the cities within their Kingdoms and various territories that are beneath the Black Ocean.  They are there to ensure that operations within the Kingdom run smoothly and that those who live there are happy and have their needs looked after.  

They will connect with the demons of their Kingdoms and request feedback and suggestions for improvements, which they will relay to the Kings and Queens and Royals. You are rulers of their Territories and kingdoms.  They are usually very engaged with the demons of their kingdoms, and they are good at solving problems and finding solutions.  They also know how to manage conflict and can be incredibly diplomatic.  They are brilliant, and they are problem solvers there to serve the needs of the demons who look up to them.  



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