Legion Captains

Legion Captains

Demon Legion Captains

Legion captains are demons who have shown incredible organizational and leadership skills as well as incredible discipline and power on the battlefield.  They are incredibly motivated and able to take charge and lead in unsure situations.  They have excelled through the Legionnaire levels and they are ready to begin taking on leadership and learning the specializations to allow them to become Brigadiers. They are able to take charge of a group and lead them.  They also can adjust strategy and alter plans under pressure and have the ability to assess a situation and modify things based on what is going on around them.   They have incredible specialties and they know how to use those specialties to get what they desire.  They start to really specialize at this level.  Some are more agility included, while others are more strongly inclined and some are magick inclined.  They start to really explore their specialty and start to receive special training in the areas in which they are excelling. All members of the core army have a base knowledge of all the areas and here is when they begin to really take those skills to the next level.  They know themselves and they really push themselves to grow and develop their skills and talents. They are very disciplined and committed and responsible for leading their group and taking charge of overseeing the training and battle drills. Legion captains are responsible for a group of legions under a commander and take direct charge over that legion group.  They will guide them and set up strategies and plans. They can walk with their companion and form a very personal bond with them.  They will look at their companions’ life and come up with a strategy to help them to attain what it is that they desire.  They are wonderful at setting goals and formulating a plan of action to attain these goals.  They can be incredibly independent and when they see a problem they will take action to correct it.  They are very vigilant and will scan and assess the area around them ensuring that everyone in the home is safe and secure.  They are often responsible for making sure that everyone in their legion is safe so they are very skilled at organizing protective parameters and keeping everyone under their care secure. They are natural leaders and can lead the way in manifestations and working with energies to get the desired result.  They are fast manifestors and they are used to working under pressure and in challenging situations.  They rise to the occasion and do not let chaos or turmoil stop them.  They actually rise in those situations and can reach one who has fallen to the darkest of places.  They are incredible companions to have. If you feel a calling to these incredible demon companions and would like to bring one home to your spiritual family please check out their listing here… Demon Legion Captain **note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army. 


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