Jack o Lantern Soul

Jack o Lantern Soul

Soul of the Jack-o-Lantern

Type: Spirit, Elemental Class: Earthen, Necromancy  Spiritual Layer: Inner Spiritual World Realm: Earth Realm, Hallows Death Realm  How to describe these incredible and Rare spirits?  The rise from the elemental essence of the medium they are carved in and the soul of one who was lost to the nefarious forces on Hallows Eve.  There is darkness in the night and there are those who have been hunted and met their demise.  Jack o Lanterns are spirits who have passed and died and cannot leave the world, they are bound here and they choose to stay to offer protection to others so that they do not share their fate.  There are many legends around the jack-o-lantern, but they are known for their protective qualities. It is the Embers of Hell, gifted from Satan that light them.   The souls of the lost fuse themselves to the powerful elementals of the earth and the protective Soul of the Jack O Lantern is formed.  Their Earthen powers give them incredible shielding and also grounding ability and they are the ones that bring celebration and festivities and the rich treasures of the Earth. They say that when one of carved, the face represents the spirit contained within and the fusion is complete.  The pumpkin becomes a spirit of its own and it contained unique powers and abilities. Every Jack o Lantern is unique, Everyone has a soul and an essence.  Once revered as the guardians of the homestead, these powerful spirits are protectors of the hearth and home.  These powerful companions are guardians of the home.  They are protectors and they will keep away and remove negative energies and entities. Each one is different, a unique character from Halloween’s past.  They are the soul of all the Jack o Lanterns who has passed.  The tradition of carving squash is known throughout the ages.  Where on the dark nights of the year the wandering spirits and ghouls would seek out unsuspecting travelers and make mischief.  The houses of the living were guarded by powerful spirits. These are guardians’ spirits and they are powerful guards indeed for on this dark night the most nefarious and malicious spirits walked the Earth and it was their job to keep their charges safe and protected.  It is a mystical time and these are mystical beings from an ancient tradition that we still practice. They will also ward off nefarious spirits and entities and can offer powerful protection and security for children.  They light the way for children to find their way to the next house and to follow the lights home. They are incredibly at protecting the home. They will keep out troublesome spirits and they will shield and protect the home against unwanted intruders and people who wish to do harm.  Hallows Eve is the darkest night of the year when wandering spirits come forth and it is through the power of guardians that we are kept safe from troublesome entities. They are playful spirits, they bring joy and happiness to the homestead.  They can lift the energies and raise the vibrations.  They bring a sense of connection and community.  They are powerful and can soothe the energies that they are protecting.  They often are hilarious and they have as unique personalities and the faces that were carved into them. They can shift the energies to help one feel safe and secure.  This will bring sleep and powerful and positive dreams as well as helping their companions to relax and enter the deep states of meditation and peace. Communication Attunement: Necromancy 2nd Attunement: Earthen Elemental Realm  They are a spirit and as such are dead so one who is attuned to necromancy and understands the energies of death will have the ability to communicate with them.  But they also are elementals and so one who is attuned to the Earthen Elemental realm of this plane will find empowered connection with them.   Many say that spirits are weaker than entities, this is not true as they usually just require a different attunement for communication.  Necromancers are usually attuned to the frequencies required for deep and clear communication   They are also an inner spiritual world companion but they are attuned to our realm’s energies so one will already be accustomed to their energetic base.   For further communication, one will be able to increase their communication with them through attunements to the Earthen Elemental Realms. If you are called to one of these amazing companions they can be found here… 


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