Howling Banshee

Howling Banshee

The Howling Banshee

Type: Psychopomps
Class: Graveyard, Necromancy 
Spiritual Layer:  Inner Spiritual Realm
Realm: Transition Layer Death Realm

Psychopomps are beings who are not physical entities, etheric entities, or outer spiritual world entities.  They are their own class and they reside in the realms of death.  They are responsible for the duties of the dead and aiding the dead in crossing over, healing, and continuing their journey.  The Banshee is a warning.  they forewarn when death is approaching and they can act as guides for those who have died.

By the definition of living they would be considered living but they are living from the realm of the dead. Which puts them in a category of living death.  Banshees are aligned with the terror that death brings.  They are a reminder to the living to cherish life and not invite death so willingly to them.  Enjoy the moment and enjoy the day for at the end when it is all over and death comes for you, you will be left behind.

Banshees usually are female though I have seen the rare male ones.  They shriek and wail in the night.  They are reminiscent of the widow who is mourning the loss of her lover and the loss of her family.  Death is tragic and though those who pass on find peace, they do leave behind holes in the hearts of those who love them.  The bittersweet, the balance.  The Banshees are tasked as heralds to warm that death will soon come.  They are powerful beings of magic and divination, with incredible and amazing gifts of foresight.

They are not without compassion and they weep for those who will soon be gone.  They weep for the life that will soon come to an end and they feel for the family who will lose their loved one.  They are beings of great compassion and can be healing and soothing for the living, they can entice memories of loved ones and even facilitate visits with the dead.

They are known for their wails and their voices that cut through the night.  They send terror into those who they hunt as they hear them approaching.  They hear them getting closer and they have no idea what to do or even how to defend against such a sinister force.

They have the power of foresight and they can reveal what is to come.  They are the heralds of death and they foresee and reveal when death is coming.  Their wails reveal that death is close at hand and they can reveal things that are to come and give powerful warnings when danger is approaching.

They can smell death and they know it’s energies well.  They can foretell when someone is about to pass and they will give warning.  They can reveal the names of those who are about to die and they can be incredibly powerful when it comes to teaching and revealing the secrets of divination.

Gifted in black magick they can bring death and terrorize those who are close to their demise.  They will also warn their companions when danger is close and will shield them to keep them safe while acting to terrorize and scare away those who seek to harm them.   They will alert their companion to the dangers and threats of the spiritual world and terrorize entities who will try to cross into their space.

Their voice is shrill and one that is known to strike terror into their targets.  They can cast powerful curses and send out baneful energies to torment their targets.  Their voices can shatter defines shields and they can penetrate their enemies’ defenses.  When they have their sights set on a target they can be unstoppable and they give little care to obstacles that might stand in their way.

They are messengers and can reveal secrets and warnings to their companions and reveal things that are coming.  They can teach the power of dark divination and peering into the realms of death to receive messages.  They have very unique and special abilities in divination and they can teach these abilities to their companions.

They can connect to the dead realms and they have the ability to carry the souls of the dead to the other side.  They are transitionary in that they can move from the inner spiritual world realms and even the physical realms to the dead realms and the transition realms and they have access to the gates and the portals of the underworld.  They also can remove troublesome spirits and banish them back to the depth of the underworld for processing.


Attunement: Underworld
2nd Attunement: Necromancy 

They are Psychopomps and so any attunement to the dead will assist with communication with them.  Those who are natural mediums and gifted with communication with the dead will have no issues connecting with them, same with those who are versed in necromancy.  One challenge people might have is the wails echo and will reach the living but the messages sometimes get lost without the third eye’s ability to translate them.  Connection to and attunements to the underworld will also open up a connection with them.  Focusing on the Underworld and necromantic connection will help with communication as well as connecting to the energies of death.  Those who work in hospice and with the elderly naturally develop these attunements as they are exposed to the energies.  

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