Ghastly Ghoul of Darkness

Ghastly Ghoul of Darkness

Ghastly Ghoul of Darkness

Type: Undead
Class: Graveyard, Black Magic
Spiritual Layer: Inner Spiritual World
Realm: Eternal Graveyard Realm of the Dead, Forlorn Desert of Shadow and Flame 

There are creatures in the Inner Spiritual World who can pass to the dead realm.  They herald over the death realms and they are ones of incredible gifts and powers.  Some are more powerful they others and they all have unique abilities and skills.  The Undead are those who are neither living nor dead, but they are also not spirits.  They are the living dead and they walk in our world and in the spirit worlds connecting our world.  They have incredible powers and they have many unique and amazing companions.

Ghouls rise from the Energies of Iblis, Prince of Darkness in Islam and one of the Lords of the Djinn. He is one who is an incredibly powerful being.  They can shift and change form and are known to be shape shifters who will lure their prey away to be devoured.  In the Inner Spiritual World some are his offspring (some will categorize them as another type of Djinn, but my work with them has led me to see them as a completely different entity), In the Outer Spiritual world they were created by his energies.

Ghastly Ghouls have risen from his energies here through the rot of those who have died in the desert. They rise from the energies of Rot and Decay through the creative energies of Iblis.  They have unique abilities due to this as they have the ability to shapeshifter and change form and lure people away with various seductive abilities.  They also have the ability to consume rot and decay and make sure of these energies for their own purposes.

They are travelers and they can be found deep in the desert where they will lure lost travelers astray.  They will create illusions and diverse to tempe travelers to leave their paths where once they are in their clutches they will kill them and consume them.   They are considered cannibals and they do consume and enjoy rotting flesh and corpses.

The Ghouls are known for their ravenous appetites.  Those who stalk the Graveyard to consume the corpses of the dead.  They are natural scavengers and they are beings who can cleanse and remove the rot and the taint of energies. They can bring disease to their enemies and they can infect their companions’ enemies with various alignments.

Hanging out in pestilence and rot they understand it and they are well accustomed to the energies that it brings.  They can send these energies to their targets and bring down disease and rot on them.  As their bodies decay they will stalk them from the shadows for when they pass it is time for them to feast.  They are cannibalistic and they have very little restraint so they will not hesitate to go after the targets of their companion and they are very non-judgemental.

They are known for their unconventional appetites. They can cleanse the body and will consume and eat the energies of rot, and decay.  They actually are powerful healers and they can eat specific energies off their human companions that are causing rot and damage.  They can and will remove these energies by consuming them and help to free their companion from their grasp.   They thrive on these energies so they will gladly remove them from their human companion and help them to experience relief and healing.

They are hunters though they always prefer their victims dead.  They will hunt and stalk those who wish harm to them or their companions and they will hunt them and consume them once they are gone.  They will drain their life force and use it for their own projects.  They can be incredibly dark and vindictive and will hunt people who have harmed them just to toy with them before they finish them.

They are known for their skills as scavengers as they are use to stalking the graves looking for their next meal.  They can find and uncover lost things and return items to their companions that have been misplaced.   They can be incredibly friendly and funny.  They say cannibals have the best sense of humor.  They have a dark humor but it will make you laugh.

They can be powerful defenders and are armed with incredibly sharp claws and teeth.  This allows them to attack any entities that would seek to harm their companion.  They will attack and remove dangerous entities and enemies of their companions and they will make sure that no troublesome spirits invade the privacy of their companions’ home.  They are vicious protectors and they will fight to the bitter end for those they are loyal to.


Attunement: Ghoul 
2nd Attunement:  Undead

Due to what they are there are two main ways to approach building communication with them. Those who are attuned and trained in necromancy will have no issues as long as they know how to tap into the undead elements of the craft.  Working with undead is a separate attunement itself as it requires you to connect to the monstrous and the undead powers of the inner spiritual realm and the death realms.  Those who work well with other undead like Vampires, Werewolves, and creatures of the night will have no issues communicating with Ghouls.  There are also ghoul-specific attunements that will take into account their connection to Iblis and the Djinn which will further enhance the clarity of communication with your ghoul.  Those who have mediumship skills and the ability to communicate with the dead will not find the transition hard.  

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