Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are found in the inner spiritual worlds and the outer spiritual worlds and are actually found in many differnet inner spiritual worlds. Though the groups are not connected, and they all seem to have differnet stories and mythologies. The Fallen Angels that Satan and Sons cojures are the Fallen Angels of the Outer Spiritual World.

The Fallen Angels: They are a group of demons who were not always demons. They started out as Angels, specifically angels of Heaven. Many of them were once Holy angels who served the Lord Jehovah. As we have learned from walking our own paths, not everyone is destined to follow the same path.

One angel, Lucifer, who was the first Fallen angel, fell from heaven, he followed a different path and was banished for his actions. He was considered an outcast and forgotten. He fell to the demon realms and went through a powerful and profound transformation. Being infused with the energy of the demons to create a perfect balance of energy between Demon, and Angel. Lucifer in that moment became the first Fallen angel.  

He returned to tell others and other Angels rebelled against what they were told. They rebelled against what was assigned to them with no choice, only servitude to a path that did not align with their heart. A host of angels rebelled against heaven, breaking free from what was expected of them and embracing a path of pure freedom and exploration. These angels went through the same energy infusion as their Leader, they were infused with Demonic energies and became the first Fallen Angels.  

They decided that it was better to reign in Hell, then serve in heaven and they followed their hearts and embraced the Dark Path of the demons. They embarked on an inner journey, where they learned about themselves and what was in their heart, embracing what they wanted and desired. After their fall they embraced Demonic Dark Energy and became demons becoming members of demon society. The Fallen Angels were now a part of the Demonic Realms.  

Lucifer is the light bringer, the first Fallen Angel, who teaches us enlightenment and guides us on embracing our inner light. Through the inner light of the soul we can walk through the darkest places, acting as our own light beacon, and knowing our way through the shadows. The path is Lord Lucifer and the Fallen Angels is one of breaking away from the safety and security of what one knows and venturing out into the great unknown. They choose to follow their own path and carve their own way, no matter the difficulties and the challenges that arose from it.

The hardest journey is breaking away from the comforts of what we know and embracing who we are at our core. The Fallen angels walk this path, they are the heralds of the LHP, breaking free embracing the path of the self.  

Fallen Angels are very beautiful demons. They have the energetic grace of the angels and the dark seduction of the demons. They are incredible and usually have creative abilities as well as vast healing abilities. Their wings appear more like angelic wings then demons, but they do have the signature horns and tails that demons have.

They are powerful healers and they understand many aspect of the divine consciousness, both the light and the dark. They know what it is like to take the hard road, walking away from everything one knows to find and accept themselves. They are a very power and incredible group of demons. They are powerful manifestos and they know how to take control of and carve their destiny.  

Some Known Fallen Angels.

King Paimon
Duke Crocell
Lord Lucifer

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