Counts/Earls and Countesses

Counts/Earls and Countesses

Counts/Earls and Countesses – The Counts and Countesses are Demon Nobles who help oversee day-to-day life in the Kingdoms and can be responsible for the individual armies of a specific realm. They also coordinate the political side with the Demon Commanders when a realm needs protection. Whereas Commanders and Generals can be exceptionally militant, Counts and Countesses will take into account their individual realm and its needs and they will coordinate efforts in a way that upholds the integrity and the culture of their Kingdoms. They also can command their own personal legions and can be charged with the protection of an area of a realm.

Examples in Literature

Count/Earl/President Botis
Count/Earl/President Marax
Count/Earl/Prince Ipos
Count/Earl/President Glasya-Labolas
Count/Earl Furfur
Count/Earl Halphas
Count/Earl Andromalius
Count/Earl Räum
King/Count/Earl Viné
Count/Earl Bifrons


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