Black Wraith

Black Wraith

The Black Wraith

Type: Spirit
Class: Graveyard, Necromancy 
Spiritual Layer: Inner Spiritual World,
Realm: Eternal Graveyard Realm of the Dead, Realm of Black Death

Black Wraiths are a type of spirit that are the twisted essence of souls of those who have passed violently.  Black wraiths have experienced great trauma and pain and as such, they understand it and they can embrace it on a very deep and profound level. Their energy is twisted from the dark currents and as such, they are incredibly powerful when it comes to execration and curse magick.

They show no remorse and will not hesitate to strike at one who has done their companion wrong.  They are created from the energies of pain and darkness and they know how to inflict them and bring this pain to those who wrong them.  They are vengeful spirits and can be incredible protectors as well as vengeance seekers.

Black wraiths have been crafted from the darkness.  The energies of trauma and malice and they understand these energies.  They can control them and twist and bend them to their will.  They are dark and nefarious themselves but they are completely safe for their human companion when screened properly.  Many are cold but some do retain elements of who they were in life and the pain that brought them here.

They move through the shadows of the night.  They twist and bend.  They know their targets and when they strike, it is deadly.   They are shadows in the night, they bend and twist and move through the darkness with perfect stealth.  They are concealers and protectors.  They can mask the world around them and bring great protection to those they aid.  The Black Wraith is a symbol of death and destruction, of transformation and torment.  They carry all these elements in them.

They are beacons of death for those who have one at their side can call upon vengeance for those who have harmed them.  They can also be shielded and protected from harm and the black shields that will surround them make them invisible.  

They can surround their companions with these shields and make them invisible and protected from those who seek to harm them.  They can remove targets and tags from their companion and make them incredibly difficult for malicious spell casters to target and lock onto.

They are protectors, they can tell when an enemy is near and they will seek out the one who wishes to harm their companion and strike at them with horrors of the soul and torments of the mind.  They are powerful at execration and dark magick of destruction.  

They dwell in the weight darkness of abyssal folds and can shift and bend the dimensions of the world around them to encase their targets in this darkness that erodes and consumes them.  Their world is one of darkness, death, and decay and they can bring forth these energies and use them at will.

They move through the damned regions of the death realms where the souls of the dead who are tormented and will never find peace are found.  They can gather these souls and bend them to their will.  They command the damned and move them where they desire.

They can gather the energies of the damned essence and harness their energies for terrifying means.  Their magick is dark and sinister and they execute horrors on their targets.


Attunement: Necromancy
2nd Attunement: Eternal Graveyard

They are a spirit and as such are dead so one who is attuned to necromancy and understands the energies of death will have the ability to communicate with them.  Many say that spirits are weaker than entities, but this is not true as they usually just require a different attunement for communication.  Necromancers are usually attuned to the frequencies required for deep and clear communication   They are also an inner spiritual world companion but they are attuned to our realms’ energies so one will already be accustomed to their energetic base.  For further communication one will be able to increase their communication with them through attunements to the dead realms, specifically the eternal graveyards.

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