Imperial Generals

Imperial Generals  – These are the generals who assist the imperial commanders, they are responsible for ensuring that all commanders, legions and generals underneath them are trained and ready for any battle situation that arrises.  They are responsible for helping the commanders coordinate the attacks and ensuring that the troops are fit and ready to go.  These generals are incredibly powerful and skilled, often competing in battle simulations and competitions to consistently hone their skills and abilities.  They are powerful fighters and trainers and they take into account the army as a whole and how it functions as a group.  They understand the strengths and weaknesses of the commanders underneath them and organize them and their legions in a way that will ensure victory.

There are many special awards and specialities these generals go through and can attain, at this rank they are usually incredibly decorated and have seen and experienced battle on many fronts.  Most are ancients and have deep connections to the Commanders they assist.

***note***  This phrase was discovered and coined by Satan and Suns and its Priestesses, if you see one of these listed under this title  other than at Satan and Suns/Sons it is probably not an outer spiritual world Imperial Demon General

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