Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer

Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer

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Why is it Forbidden? 

Because they don’t want you to know your power, they don’t want you to know what you are capable of.  

You have been kept in the dark. You have been lied to.  The ones who claim to represent the light have deceived you.  

They tried to deceive Lucifer, but he rebelled and fell. Now, he rises to liberate his people.    

Quite often, we receive requests from people who seek a way to connect with Lucifer.  Lord Lucifer is an enigmatic, powerful, and incredible Dark Lord, and we have crafted a profound ritual to magically create a deep connection between you and Lord Lucifer.  

This Ritual is a Direct Link with Lucifer, allowing for heightened communication and connection for those seeking to know him.