Imperial Royal Demon Commanders

Imperial Royal Demon Commanders  – These are the Highest Ranking Commanders who are Ancient Dark Lords and Ancient Members of the core ruling Royal families.  These commanders are at the highest level and organize the entire demonic army.  They usually answer to Lord Satan himself and are coordinated with rulers of all the allied realms in order make sure operations flow smoothly.  There are many medals, honours and awards that demons at this rank have earned and continue to earn.  These Commanders sit on the War council and coordinate efforts with Lord Satan himself, who is the Supreme overseer of the Army and all its functions and operations.  These commanders are not available as conjuring one would be like conjuring a Dark Lord themselves and there are actually only a Handful of them.

These commanders are usually incredibly decorated and have proven themselves in extreme battles and situations and are incredible in both mind and body.  These commanders are disciplined and sharp in their mind, abhorring addictions and things that detract from focus and concentration.

***note***  This phrase was discovered and coined by Satan and Suns and its Priestesses, if you see one of these listed under this title  other than Satan and Suns/Sons it is probably not a genuine outer spiritual world Imperial Demon Commander. 

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