Necrosis Demons

Necrosis Demons

Necrosis Demons : as their name suggests, deal with death and the afterlife.  They are masters of the souls and can often be seem escorting souls to and from their destinations.  They delight in the stories told by the elderly and a life well lives, leading to a glorious and enchanting death.  

They believe that as one ages they should be honoured and given the care and dignified treatment during their transition.  They see death as a glorious transformation of energies and believe the dead take with them, experience, knowledge and tales to share.

They get highly offended when the elderly are not treated wit dignity and respect and their rage can sometimes be felt.  They have contempt and disgust for those who mistreat their elders.  

They also have an understanding of Voudou, earth energies and mastering the dark elements.  They delve into the primordial senses They work with Herbs and Crystals and make use of powerful death energies and have great knowledge of Necromancy and working with corpses and death.  

They have great respect for honouring and respecting ones ancestors and the dead.  They can connect people to their ancestors and deliver messages from those who have passed and carry the messages of the living to the dead. They can move through the death realms and help those who are having a hard time, move on.  They are not to be confused with reapers.  though these demons work closely with the dead, they are demons.  

***Necrosis Demons are exclusive to Satan and Suns and Demon Temple

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