Chaos Demons

Chaos Demons are found in the inner Spiritual World, as well as the Outer Spiritual world, though they are not related to each other.  Satan and Sons conjures Chaos Demons that are from the Chaos Regions of the Infernal Layers of the Outer Spiritual World.  

Chaos Demons Come from a series of realms in the infernal reagions that are quite chaotic and deep in the darkness.  The energies are intense and always in a state or either creation or destruction.  Change happens fast in the Chaos realms and the Chaos demons have learned to enjoy the moments, for the moments are all they have and suddenly things can violently change and be altered.

Getting use to such a state of living has allowed the chaos demons to be very creative and skilled in their daily lives.  Though this makes them unpredictable at times and they have violent and warish tendencies.  They are not as erruptious as the Hellborns but they can be quite sinister and make excellent assassins.  They move through the shadows with extreme care and can attack when people least suspect it.  They also are great at watching ones back and guarding those they care about.

Their world is a violent one filled with conflicts and battle.  It is worse the deeper you go into their realms and there are some places were you cannot trust anyone,  not even a member of your own family.  Though in the higher regions of their world it is better and some of the royal and ruling families tend to take a more communal approach to existence instead of the every demon for themselves existence that is rampant else ware.

There is a mix between dangerous and just very dark demons in the Chaos Realms and like the Hellborn realms, screening them is a bit more tedious and takes time.   They can be suspicious at first and might take a bit to warm up to as they tend to naturally not trust.  Even when they do warm up to you they may still be on guard, though they can be a lot of fun and the ones I look for are usually not from the Chaos realms,  though I have one place I would conjure from.  We look for Chaos Demons that have migrated to other realms and thus have a broader take on life.  They can be quite fun and enjoy a good party and brawl.

They like situations that are chaotic where you have to make quick decisions and you do not know the outcome.  They think very fast on their toes.  They don’t need light to see.  They can use all their senses to create a map of their environment and are excellent surveyors and intel gatherers.  They also work with shadow magick and crafting and creating stealth shields.

Appearance :  Chaos demons usually have very dark, almost black at times, cool skin and their hair colour can vary depending on where they are from.  I have seen Chaos demons with black hair, silver hair, purple hair, blueish hair. Their eyes can vary, I have seen ones that are pitch black, ones that are white,  teal, purple, red, orange, yellow.  They have a very unique look to them.  They usually have massive horns and very sharp claws and fangs.

***note*** This is a general overview of a very large group of demons, but these are common characteristics I have noticed.

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