Forbidden Sphere of Lord Lucifer

Forbidden Sphere of Lord Lucifer


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Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer

Advanced Re-Awakening and Dark Divinity Connection Ritual 



Why is it Forbidden?

Because they don’t want you to know your power, they don’t want you to know what you are capable of. 

You have been kept in the dark. You have been lied to.  The ones who claim to represent the light have deceived you.  

They tried to deceive Lucifer, but he rebelled and fell. Now, he rises to liberate his people.    

Quite often, we receive requests from people who seek a way to connect with Lucifer.  Lord Lucifer is an enigmatic, powerful, and incredible Dark Lord, and we have crafted a profound ritual to magically create a deep connection between you and Lord Lucifer.  

This Ritual is a Direct Link with Lucifer, allowing for heightened communication and connection for those seeking to know him. 

“Lucifer Guided the Creation of this Ritual, I found myself during one of my connecting rituals with him feeling trapped.  The world shifted and changed.  I felt it when it happened, and we have all paid the price.  Something shifted, something was removed, we lost something that was so sacred, something that was rightfully ours. 

Through deep meditation and connection, Lord Lucifer, I was taken to the world of Darkness, which the Deceivers of the light cannot reach.  There, Lord Lucifer showed me the world, showed me the energies and how they influence and direct others.  There is a plot of subjugation and domination.  There are those who seek our blind servitude and surrender to their will. 

The energies are tightening around us, but we are not without power, and we are not beyond Hope. Through Mythology and the Ages, it is hope that has always gotten us through, and hope that has helped us face the horrors of the world and rise stronger and empowered. 

We must never lose hope. 

In this space, Lucifer revealed to me the secrets of the Forbidden Sphere, a source of power which all humans can tap into.  All humans can awaken.  We are not defenceless, and we have the power to fight those who would try to dominate and isolate us.  Together, we are strong, and Lord Lucifer wants to Remind us how strong we are.  We are the creators of our world. We are the masters of our reality.  

We have been brainwashed to forget.  

 Within this Space, Lucifer showed me just how profound and powerful a connection can be with him.  I walked with him and we reached a pool of black-gold energy.  Above it was hovering a Sphere.  This is a Sphere of forbidden knowledge and power.  It is the Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer, his energy created it, and it is a part of him.  To walk with Lucifer is seen as forbidden because Lucifer brings truth, liberation, and empowerment.  The Sphere contains his essence and life force. 

It is a part of his creative power, and it awakens the creative power within us. 

He walked into the pool and guided me to Follow.  I walked with him, he took energy from the Sphere and formed it into a smaller sphere.  He then planted it in my heart.  

He revealed to me the secrets of the Forbidden Sphere…

Lucifer is a pure being of Dark Divinity, a Fallen Angel who understands the Divine Essence of Darkness.  He will reach out to and connect with those who seek him.  Communication with him can be mysterious and sublime for he has vast knowledge and wisdom of the secret workings of the universe.  He has been known to communicate in words, actions, visions, and inspirations, touching those who walk with him and blessing their lives with incredible gifts.  

The Human mind has so much potential, and Lord Lucifer Teaches us to push past our limits and reach new heights of awareness and skills.  He challenges us to stretch our minds and open ourselves up to what is beyond, what is unknown, and what is undiscovered.  

The Forbidden Sphere is a Journey of Growth Beyond the known potential of the Human Mind.  

Lord Lucifer Called, he gifted us with a Divine Gift, a Sacred Ritual to gift the Forbidden Sphere to those who desire it, the Sphere will be planted like a sacred divine seed within the hearts of those who are called.  The Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer expands our conciseness and opens up us in ways we could not anticipate. 

~ New Perspectives
~ New Powers
~ New insights
~ New Abilities.
~ New Psychic Skills
~ New Magick
~ Forbidden Magick

The energies reached into us, and as a seed grows, as it grows, we grow, it expands us, opens our minds and allows us to access the realm of the Forbidden Sphere.  As it grows your connection with Lucifer will deepen, and you will receive sacred gifts from him.

~ The Name of the Forbidden Sphere will be revealed to those who Purchase this Ritual

~ As will a Meditation which will allow you to Journey to it and make use of your Sphere once it has been planted.

~ You will receive a deep ritual of connection and detailed instructions for tapping into the Sphere.  

~ You will also receive a ritual of nourishment to nourish your energies and nourish your connection to the Darkness

~ You will receive a ritual for walking the path is the sacred sphere, as well as it’s name and the dark tree it is connected to.  

The Forbidden Sphere Touches the heart, It opens a deep connection with Lord Lucifer so that he can facilitate your growth and awakening to the Cosmic essence of the Human Potential.  This was a sacred gift of growth, connection and moving beyond ones preserved limits into the limitless.  

He Gave this Gift to us, and now we can share it with you.  

~ The Forbidden Sphere is a sacred gift of Lucifer, it is a piece of him that is planted in your heart. 

~ It gives you a direct way of connecting to him.  

~ The Forbidden Sphere allows for empowered communication with Lord Lucifer,

~ It brings clarity in interpreting and understanding his messages 

~ Through the forbidden sphere, he will be able to answer your prayers, your wishes, your desires

~ The energies of the Sphere create an outpouring of powerful golden black divine energies that pour from the heart 

~ The love of Lord Lucifer touches you, and you feel nourished and supported 

~ He brings power and confidence so that you can take charge of your life 

~ He will work through the Sphere to bring powerful manifestations and divine energy that is encoded with your intentions to magnetically draw your desires to you. 

The Luciferian Force is Noble in Essence, connected to the essence of Pure Divinity. 

Connecting with Lord Lucifer’s energy brings… 

~ Clarity
Awakening of your Inner Divinity

~ Awakening of your Inner Darkness
Awakening of your divine power
Awakening of your confidence

~ Awakening of your Core Self
Awakening of Love Within
Connection to your dark divine self

From Priestess Akelta:

Once implanted, the Forbidden Sphere continues to grow and increase your connection with Lucifer.

~ This connection can be expanded and evolve to allow you direct communication and councils with Lucifer. A connection so strong with Lucifer will allow you to break free of any bonds that are containing you and allow you to experience the universe and the spiritual world completely uninhibited and free.

~ It will give you the tools and the connections to break from imprisonment and spiritually release yourself fully. You will be closer to connecting with the true divine and will be embraced by the true divine light.

~ You will experience profound and incredible energies, a whole other world of demonic brilliance.  Your senses will change, how you see the world will change, and you will feel a deep connection with Lord Lucifer. It is one of the most amazing spiritual relationships you will develop. 

~ You will experience a whole other world which will open up your senses and change how you see the world and experience things. Having a deep connection with Lucifer is one of the most amazing spiritual relationships you will develop.

~ You will able to travel to this Sacred and Forbidden Realm where you can access and connect to Forbidden and Forgotten Knowledge from the Spiritual World, All guided by Lord Lucifer.

Lucifer desires to help us awaken our psychic gifts and reclaim power lost to us through centuries of trauma and sorrow.  He wants to remind us of our power and help us to grow and thrive. 

Lucifer is the liberator of humanity’s chains and shackles. He seeks to free us and show us the true extent of our power. 

The True Light comes from within. The True Power rises from our core. 

One must walk in darkness, removed from all external manipulations, to awaken the light of truth within.  

Once released from the external illusions, the true essence of your soul will be revealed.  You can shatter what binds you, liberate your soul and soar high on the multidimensional planes of pure will and intention.  You will experience liberation.  

When one walks with Lucifer, they are on a journey of self-discovery and self-awakening on the path to pure freedom.  The Human potential has only begun to be realized, and the sheer spiritual power we can command and the potential we wield.  Lord Lucifer sees that Potential, and he sees that power within us, and he wants to show it to you.  

Lucifer armed humanity with the gifts of knowledge and the power to wield our potential.  He gave us the ability to defend ourselves and the ability to stand our ground against nefarious forces and revealed to us the power we have within.  The Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer is a Gift to those who walk with him.  It is a Manifestation of his own divine essence and his divine will. 

When you receive the Sphere, you receive a piece of Lucifer, which is yours forever.  

Lucifer taught us the power of our words and how to take action creating our world as the Gods Crafted the Universe.  We walk as Gods when we walk with Lord Lucifer. 

He reveals to us how to awaken the creative force within ourselves, the life force that moves through the universe and gives us the power of divine creation.  The energies of the universe links everything together, and through it, the secrets of the cosmo reside.  

Everyone has mystical, magickal, and creative potential. It sleeps dormant in most people, waiting to be awakened.  Those of us who walk with Demons and Walk the Darker Paths have high concentrations of magick within us, wells of raw power just waiting to be released.  Lucifer will teach you how to awaken that magick and claim the power that is your birthright.  Magick flows through the universe, and those who can tap into it can create the life that they desire.  

Are you ready to receive the Forbidden Sphere of Lucifer? 


~Priestesses of Satan and Sons/Suns ~ The Demon Temple


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