What Makes our Companions Unique?

Demon Companions from Satan and Suns



Personal Demon Companions from Satan and Suns/Sons are powerful Outer Spiritual World, True Form, Demonic, Immortal, Living Entities which can greatly impact the lives of their human Companions.

All of our bindings are Flexible Bindings.  This means the demons are not trapped and can come and go as they please!


Flexible bindings are energy strands linking the demon to this plane, giving their human companion a focal point to connect with them.  

We will never offer a demon that is bound against their will.  


No Two Bindings Are the Same

Each binding is as unique as the Demon.

They are all active and authentic and have been worked with by our coven.

We do not mass conjure our Spiritual Companions.

There are many tricksters out there that will attempt to imitate Demonic beings.

Custom Demon Companions