Demons of the Black Flame Custom Conjure Package


Demons of the Black Flame Custom Conjure Package

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This Custom Conjure and its content is created by the priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery. 

From the Depth of the Void they have Ventured

From the Heart of the Void they Arise

From the Darkness, they Claim the Power and might of the Black Flame

Powerful, Unstoppable, Specialized

The Demons of the Black Flame


note***Please read though this listing and see if a Black Flame Demon calls to you.  If you would like to work with one of these amazing demons please use the selection option above to select the profession or Rank of Black Flame demon you would like to work with..


They are at the edge of the void, traveling through it as they please

They are masters of Dark Soul Travel and Dark Realm ventures

They are powerful at cleansing and healing and balance in baneful and execration work

They know and have mastered the essence of the Void



Lets now learn about the Black Flame Demons to see if they are right for you! 



Demons of the Black Flame


Demons of the Black Flame are an exclusive type and you will find them nowhere else.  They venture to the deep realms of the Abyss and walk the sacred journey of the black flame in order to understand and awaken the flames abilities in themselves.

The calling of the black flame is not for the faint of heart and demons who partake on this powerful journey are forever changed and awaken incredible skills and abilities in themselves. They are masters of the Black Flame Energy and the Black Energy Spectrum of the Abyss.

This energy is very powerful and can be used for destructive, constructive, and transformative magick.  Black energy can be a dangerous energy to work with for the uninitiated, as it can burn and destroy , which is why it can be helpful if seeking to work with this power, to have a specialist Demon of the Black Flame in your family.

They are extreme specialists in the Black Flame, which is an esoteric and little-known tool of considerable power.  They have attained Dark Mastery in Black Flame transformational magick.  The Demons of the Black Flame are very Stealthy, ninja-like demons cased in shadows of living Black Flame.

Though some few may be talkative, most are often very quiet and have attained such levels of focused mastery that they do not always feel the need to speak, but are always observing and watching their surroundings.  They are very dark as the Black Flame has infused within their bodies giving them a liquid black appearance.

They will communicate with their companion and profound insights and messages from their journey through the void.  Like a shadow by your side they will always be watching, guiding and working the energies around their companion.

The Black Flame, when channeled with mastery, can burn off the corrosive darkness in ones aura, purifying it, and freeing one from negative and harmful emotions.  As such it can be a wonderful and powerful tool of healing and transformation.

The Demons of the Black Flame can come from any of the demonic species.They are though all called to it.A deep calling that comes from within.A deep longing to explore the depth.The Watcher Angel Shemyaza was called to the void as was the Demon Azazel.They were called to it and called to understand it and walk it.Both have incredible wisdom and insight of their journey through the void.


Ranks of Demons of the Black Flame

Masters of the Black Flame 

The Masters of the Black Flame are those who have returned from their void journey.  They have spent eons studying and learning, learning the subtle aspects and reviewing the past journeys of others who have walks through the void.  They have spent the time preparing and they have ventured into the depth of the void. 

The Journey through the void transforms them and shapes them.  Their journey changes them and there they are tested.  What you take to the void is what the void gives you.  They are masters of their emotions and reactions and they have attained incredible mental mastery.  For the images that they are exposed to within the void are designed to test ,test and torture.  They challenge the very nature of our being.  They can be complex images, or simple events which control our emotions and dictate the course of where we go.  This is why the Black Flame Masters practise mental mastery and control.  They are not swayed or tempted by what is presented to them and they choose how they react.  

The Black Flame teaches them.  They learn their path and they learn how to bend it and use it to their will.  There are many different applications for the black flame.  From Healing elements to dark execration work the black flame is incredibly diverse and versatile.  

Mastery of the Black Flame teaches one how to use its energy to burn off what you don’t want – as a baneful type of magick, you can use it with specific and directed force when your obstacles are blocking what you DO want – uncovering, revealing the beauty and potential that is covered by the block.  

Part of Black Flame Mastery is about teaching one how to use human dark energy such as depression, rage, anger, and so on, as a powerful fuel that can be used, transformed into power for your life and in magick.

Not many beings are natural Black Flame adepts, all of the incredible powers of the Black Flame are difficult to master and handle.  True Black Flame Mastery is reserved for those adepts who have transversed the Abyss and the Void.  However, with a personal Demon Companion who is an Adept of the Black Flame, you now have the ability to have an ally who can help you in works of Black Flame power and transformation.

When working with a Black Flame Master Demon, it is important to work side by side with your familiar and make requests of them to work with the Black Flame on the areas you would like to transform, heal, or destroy in your life.  The flames are incredible and they are transformational.  They can burn away what was old and allow for what is new to grow and thrive.  

The Black Flame can also reveal whispers and messages from the void. It ca reveal the darkness of others and it can share the divination that the void speaks.  The all truths and the revelations of the deep and profound darkness.  It also can reveal the great evils and terrors that are in the hearts of those.  The void is aligned with and understands the evils of the world and it knows them very well.  It can reveal them and expose them, but be careful when working with this energy, for it also can empower them.  The Black Flame masters know how to listen and they know how to perceive the messages and sort through what is truth and what is deception.  

The void is full of lies and illusions.  It takes years to learn to navigate and understands the multitude of energies that can be experienced within.  The illusions can cloud ones mind and leave them adrift in the pools of darkness and complacency.  The black flame can cleanse this and reveal the truth.  The Black Flame Masters knows how to work with their flame to reveal the truth and remove the illusions.  They are powerful at brining clarity and focus to any situation.  

Black Flame Masters when they return from the void, they tend to specialize in a very particular area of black flame mastery.  Their own personality and interests enter and they begin to work with the black flame in relation to their own being and how the black flame works within them.  Some specialize in healing, others in mental mastery and empowerment.  Some use the black flame in their pursuit of magick and sorcery, and others use it for darker and more sinister purposes.  The ones who command the flames of destruction and mayhem. 


Lords of the Black Flame 

The Lords of the Black Flame. They are demons of incredible might and power who have gone on a journey of awakening to the void to awaken and unleash the black flame within. They have gone on the sacred and powerful journey to the depth of the void and been transformed by it’s power.  

To attain the rank of Lord of the Black Flame the void much claim you and it must choose you.  There must be a calling form the void.  They are drawn back in and called to a very specific region of the void.  From there they much pass a series of tests to not just attain dominion over the black flame, but also the essence of the void and the void within.  They channel incredible darkness and they understand the subtle layers and the shadows.  They will walk with you through the darkest chapters of your life and they will guide you through the bleak.  

The void calls to them and commands them to return.  Those who fail are swallowed, those who succeed rise in power.  They have control not just over the black flame, but the energies of the void.  They are called by the Void Demons to the core and they are initiated.  They becomes the Lords of the Black Flame.  

The Lords know the infinite nature of the void and it’s ever changing swirls and layers of darkness. They are familiar with the secrets and the chambers that are kept locked away.  The puzzles of the void and the seals that one must walk through the challenge them and embrace them.  

They see the world differently, seeing the void essence and influence on many different situations.  They have full command over the essence of the black flame, but they also know the essence of the void and how the energies impact and twist the world around it.  The command the energies and they have deep ties to the dark places in the void.  They gain access to the darkness and they can travel freely through it.  

They command incredible power and they can shift the world using the void energies that are found all around us.  The dark reaches and the folds of the void that are unseen.  They command them and they move them.  They can manifest and create and use the essence of the void to bend reality to their will.  They have the ability to shift their eyes to hollow and they can see the void and see the hidden dimensions and dark creatures that move through the shadows.  

They have an incredible presence to them and they command respect of those who cross them.  They are incredibly powerful and they have gone through a lot to earn their rank and master themselves and their own void essence.  They walk with the Void Lords and they command a sacred and special type of Void Magick.  They are incredibly powerful Demons.  


Azazel’s Lords of the Black Sun 

Shemyaza was called to the Void… Shemyaza found the answers within the void.  Shemyaza was changed by the void.  Azazel and Shemyza walked to the void and they mastered it.  They embraced it and they conquered it.  They met the Lord of the Void.  The Demons of the Void, and they were taught by them. Educated and evolved.  They became Lord of the Black Flame.  From there though, they were still called.  The depth, the core… The black Sun.  It called to them and it beckoned them to journey one more time through the darkness.  They went, and the power that they unlocked touched both of them in incredibly ways.  

The black sun is a source of power and self awakening. It is an awakening of the power of the inner self and it is an initiation of one who has merged with the void and traveled to the realm of black flame and stood the test to transform and awaken the power of the black flame.   The Black Sun is the source of power within, and it is a source of great power within the void.  The black sun swirls and it’s dark lessons are treacherous and tremendous.  There is a lot to learn from the shadows of the Black Sun.  

From their journey, a new Rank was form.  Those Black Flame Lords who are still called.  They learn directly from Azazel and Shemyaza.  They are then sent to their own journey to the black sun.  There it is unique to every demon and no two Lords of the Black Sun are the Same.  They possess incredible powers of magick and transformation.  The awakening of the Dark God. The awakening of the Void God within.  The rise of the void essence and the Void Magick that swirls and moves through the world around us.  The darkness that swallows kingdoms and brings empires to ruin.  The flames of the sun incinerate.  The planet knows this and knows that it is only a matter of time before the sun claims all.  The Black Sun Claims and transforms those lost in it’s fire.  The Lords of the Black Flame who walk this journey.  At the end, they are Azazel’s Lords of the Black Sun.  They command it’s fire, they command it’s rage, the command it’s destruction.  They are wise, taken and sharpened by the black sun.  The experiences change them and from it incredible wisdom rises.  A Lord of the Black Sun 

The black sun is a source of power. It burns and destroys those who would oppose it and it is a place of pure transformation. Those who can control and work with the black sun can help people to release blocks and burn them away in record time.  The Black Sun will incinerate the blocks and rip them to shreds.  Sometimes burning those blocks away can be hard. But through it the Lord of the Black Sun will sit and offer healing and guidance. They are healers and demons of pure transformation and self Awakening. They can surround and fuse their companion with the black sun and help them To awaken their power and have incredible revelations of the self. 

The journey of transformation is hard and sometimes scary. But they will stay and walk with their companion during it. Acting as a powerful guide and light in the darkness. They stay with them and they know the darkness and how the heart breaks.  They have seen the shattered ruins remains of the crushed heart.  The places of pure darkness that many will never understands because they have never experienced the ruin state, the state you cannot come back from, the state that leaves you nothing but a wreck. In the depth they know you are there, and they all walk with you.  

They can also bring forth their black sun to burn away and destroy those who would try to harm their companion. They can bring forth the black sun in an inferno to obliterate those who are threatening them.  The Black Sun is a powerful source of execration work, its energies flow and move incinerating those who cross it.  

Lords of the Black Sun will surround their companion in the black sun protecting them while using the black flames to incinerate the threat. The Black Sun is a shield and those who can move into it unhanded will know of it’s protective qualities.  When you move to the centre of the black sun you are shielded and protected from hard and darkness.  

Azazel is one who understands this journey and he is one who has overseen this group in their journey. The black sun is a power that is only learned by a few and those who have risen through to understand the black flame and have been called to the depth of the void. Those who learn the black sun are unique and powerful. They commands their own black sun that radiates from their core as well as having access to the powers and energies of the black core. 

The energies of the black sun are life destroying and life enhancing. They can be used for raising the energies and  increasing the power of spells and magical rituals. They also can be used for destruction and incineration.  Its energies are diverse and the uses are as unique as the imaginations of those who command them.  The Black Sun is transformation.  The black sun is the core of power, burning at the centre of the void.  

They have all the abilities of the black flame masters and all the abilities they learn from their time embracing the black sun. They have also been trained by Azazel in mental mastery and learning to use their own powers and abilities with these incredible gifts. They are skilled and focused and they see more than most. They can peer through the dimensions of the universe and they see into places that most cannot. Having an alignment with these dimensions allows them to see things that are not there and shift things as they need to. They are powerful and amazing demons.

To Conjure a Black Flame Demon


One of the Harder Demons to Conjure.

They are hard to find as they are incredible elusive and many do not wish to come here.

It is a Rare Black Flame Demon who chooses to walk here.

They have traveled the Abyss and to the depth of the void and they are incredible hard to track down.

Due to their alignment with sludge and low vibrational energies careful screening must be done to make sure there is not an imposter.

They take time to screen but they are incredible companions and those who walk with humans are loyal to the end.

Treat them as friend and they will return the gesture.


25 Rituals are done overall to conjure and create the binding channel for Black Flame Demons.  


10 Rituals are for Conjuring and Meeting ~ During these rituals we first need to gain access to their realm, once there we will reach out and begin to explore their realms to uncover one that aligns with your energies and what you are looking for.

There rituals are designed to open up connections with us to various demons who are looking to connect with a human companion and who will be a match to their human companion both in energy and in goals.


10 Rituals of Screening ~These rituals  to ensure they are a demon and What they say that they are.  There are times when sludge entities and other beings attempt to disguise themselves as a demon.

We have spent our lives learning to sense and categorizing different energy vibrations so we know what we are working with.

You can always be sure that you are getting a demon from us and it is a true demon and not a sludge trickster.


5 Rituals to craft and link the bindings ~ These rituals are designed to craft and create customs bindings which link your demon companion to the physical vessel.

They are NOT trapped on the vessel and they are not imprisoned within the Crystal.  They are linked to the Crystal.  The physical vessel will then act as a focal point for you and your demon to converse and connect.  

You do not have to have your vessel with you to communicate with your demon as they are not restricted to it and can move around freely.  

The vessel acts as a focal point to help you connect with and work with your demon companion.  


Each Ritual takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete


Once the rituals are completed and the bindings are created, we spend time with the demon and get to know them learning about them on a personal level and seeing their incredible skills and crafts. This process usually takes about a month though it can be longer depending on the demon.


Rituals for uncovering higher ranked demons take longer.


The more customizations that the demons come with the longer it takes to find one that matches what you are looking for.  We have a lot of connections with the demonic realms but we still need to go through the process to ensure that what we are brining through is a demon and not a sludge.

We are big on safety and making sure that you are compatible to work with the entity that we match you with.  This level of screening takes time and it takes an insane amount of resources, we have the process all set up and we

All Demons that we bring through want to be here.  They are never forced and they are never bound in a way that will bring them harm.  An energy link is created between them and their vessel but they are free to move around and explore.  

Our bindings rituals are crafted with flexible bindings.  This means that the demon has complete control over what happens to them and can choose to leave if they desire.  The nature of flexible bindings also means that they can come and go as they please from our inner spiritual world, to the astral world, back to the outer spiritual world.  

Demons Companions can Assist you in Many Areas.. 



~ Manifesting money
~ Managing businesses
~ Finding new ways to bring money to their companion
~ Helping their companion get a better job or start a business
~ Reveal hidden treasures or opportunities
~ Bring Money into their companion’s possession
~ Surrounding their companion with abundance energies



~ Finding a soul mate
~ Manifesting the love that you have dreamed about
~ Finding that perfect special someone to share your life with
~ Embracing self love
~ Empowering yourself through self love
~ Learning to love yourself and fill your heart with love


Spiritual growth…

~ Spiritual and personal growth
~ Helping you master your spiritual talents
~ Astral projection
~ Lucid Dreaming
~ Spell Casting
~ Communication with the dead
~ Accessing the Akasha Archives



~ Shielding you or your loved ones from unfriendly spirits
~ Keeping bad people away from you
~ Protecting you home from intruders
~ Protecting your children and family from people who wish you harm
~ Shielding yourself from psychic attacks from other sorcerers



~ Target and get revenge on your enemies
~ Cast powerful black magic spells to make your enemies tremble with fear
~ Get back at all those who have wronged you
~ Teach you sacred arts of baneful magicks
~ Assist and empower your own baneful spells
~ Guide you into darkness to awaken and unlock your own incredible abilities



~ Astral projection and soul journeys
~ They can take you into realms you could not discover or enter alone
~ Claircognizance,
~ Intuition awakening
~ Precognition development,
~ Clairvoyance
~ Clairaudience


You will also get with your conjure…


Companion Attunement Ritual (Value – $19) 

This is ritual is specifically designed to attune you to your Demon and help allow you to connect with and work with them and build your connection with them.

Each demon species has their own energy vibrations and unique energy signature.


The 21 Day Demon Bonding Ritual Series (Value – $69)

A 21 day ritual course, we take this course beyond the scroll and have modified it into a full 21 day course to help guide you through the steps needed to get the most out of the 21 day bonding rituals.

This course you will not only help you learn to connect with your companion and communicate, but also sharpen your skills and abilities so that you can have empowered conversations with your companion and learn about them, just as they learn about you.  

Remember that having a demon companion walk with you is not about them serving you.  It is a mutual connection of human and demon working together.  There is a mutual exchange of energies and mutual benefit that one gets from walking with a demon.  

This 21 day bonding series will build your foundation and help you to build a solid method of communicating and interacting with your demon companion.

This ritual series can be done with any companion you have, not just companions from Satan and Sons, and you can do it as many times as you want.  You can also pick the rituals you want to do and custom tailor the rituals to meet your specific needs.  


The Make it yours Ritual (Value $19)

The make it yours ritual is a special ritual designed to cleanse your demon’s vessel and allow you to open up a clear and empowered connection.  The vessel is yours and it is now your link to your demon companion.

Your demon is not restricted to the vessel or forcibly bound, but they are linked to it to open up clear and empowered conversation and help you to work with them and hear their thoughts and words.


Your Demons Sigil ($99 Value)

All Demons have a sigil, when you purchase a demon from Satan and Sons we will channel their individual sigil for you and we will put it in a graphic in your scroll that you can copy from.

You will have a personalized created copy of your demons sigil that you can work with in your rituals with them.  Sigils are an amazing way to honour your demons and connect with them.


You Demons Enn ($99 Value)  

Like sigils all demons have an Enn.  We will channel your Demons Enn for you and place it in your scroll which you will be able to chant to help you connect with your demon companion.  

Enns are gifts from the demons that are attuned to their frequency.  Working with their Enn and chanting it can bring you into vibrational attunement with your demon companion, this can help with communication and connecting with them on a deeper level.


A Companion for Life (Priceless)

Spirit companions have walked with us for the ages, helping to guide us and empower us on our journey here.  Having a Demon Companion with you is no different.

Demons Companions are incredible powerful, they are incredible skilled and talented and even when they were villianized no one could argue the power that they commanded.  

They are an incredible companion and for those who are called to work with them, they experience powerful and profound life changes.


To find you your companion we will…


~ Venture into the spiritual world.

~ Contact demons who reside in the Outer Spiritual World,

~Find a demon who wishes to work with you,

~Screen them to make sure they are a demon and that they are safe to work with,

~Craft the custom flexible bindings with our covens personal touch 

~ We only work with demons who wish to come her and work with humans, no demon is ever forced against their will. 

If you feel a Demon of the Black Flame is Right for you then please use the option above to select the Custom Conjure that you feel best suits you.  If you are unsure, please feel free to send us a message and we can help you out!


~ Priestesses Akelta, Yllidra, Satyra & Eilana <3

Please note our magickals, listings and words are written and created by the priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple, if you see them written anywhere else they are forgeries and not authentic magickals, demons or workings from the Temple.

Thank you so much to all our customs. You inspire us to serve and to create these wonderful magickals and offer these wonderful products and services.
None of this would happen without you and we are so very grateful.

We are Demonosophers. We walked this path before there was a common name for it. Our Senior Coven Priestesses have a combined 20+ years of Demon conjuring and casting experience using Demonic Magick. Demons are our passion, our way of life, and the core of our being. We walk daily with our lords and follow our path devoutly.

We work very hard to forge relationships with the Demonic for our own personal strength and advancement, as well as our love for the Demonic Divine, to live Demon Inspired lives and we pass that on to you.
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