Demon Replica/Transfer Copy Bag


Demon Replica/Transfer Copy Bag


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This Custom Conjure and it’s content is created by the priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery. This is the original Satan and Suns Demonic Copy Bag. 


The Original Satan and Sons
Demonic Replica/Transfer Copy Bag



This is an incredibly powerful piece that we have recently re-vamped and upgraded with your specific needs in mind.  The Copy bags offered at Satan and Sons are incredible tools that can assist you with organizing your companions and enchantment.  The Original Copy Bag came with three features but we have added so many more! 

This Magnificent piece is one of our original pieces that has been a powerful tool not just in our coven, but also in the lives of many of our clients.  It is an amazing piece that we cast on as a coven and with a few of our coven demons.  It is a complex and layered magickal that is crafted with a series of spells that are designed to add layers of vibrations to increase its power.

We use special weaving techniques to lock in the magic and keep the energies of the magickal strong and vibrant.

1. Copy a Spell: It can copy any item enchanted with a spell and take the energetic vibration and copy it onto another piece.  It is very easy to use the copy bag to attain this feat and it can and does copy the vibration of any and all spells in your possession.

2. Transfer a Spell:  It has the ability to Transfer a spell, or move them from one object to another.  The transfer ability harnesses the vibrations of the spell and surrounds the magick of the original piece to ensure that all of its energies are transferred to the new piece.

3. Transfer Companion Bindings: Gives you the ability to transfer your Companion from one vessel to another. This will not harm them in any way. This method can be used with any companions at any level.

4. Transfer Royal Companion Bindings:  Do you have a companion who is of royal status and are worried about transferring their bindings?  No problem, we have added a special layer to this copy bag which is designed to transfer the special vibrations that go into linking with Royal Demon Companions and can move their binding to a new piece with no worry or concern.  This layer of energy is attuned to royal frequencies and is specifically designed for them.

5. Transfer Military Companion Bindings: If you have a companion with a military title, this copy bag has a special ritual designed with specific vibrations to transfer the specific energies of military bindings from one piece to another.

6. Transfer Descendant of the Dark Lord Bindings:  Many have expressed concern about transferring high ranking companions and Descendants of the Dark Lords.  We have added another layer to our copy bag and made it so that there is a ritual specifically attuned to the energies of Dark Lords and will offer a divine channel of energy that safety transfers the bindings of your high ranking demon to the new vessel.

7.  Magickal Refresher: External energies can cling to your magickals and block their energies.  We have included a special magickal layer for this!  Placing your magickals in the bag and performing the required ritual will cleanse and refresh your magickals clearing away any external energies and recharging their natural essence.

8.  Companion soothing energy massage: This is a fun one! On our coven we have magickals that are designed to relax and soothe our companions.  They are amazing and are designed to give our companions a nice relaxing and soothing energy massage!

All copy bags will come with a scroll with detailed instructions on working with them and making use of the powerful magicks within.

If you are ready to claim one of these amazing pieces for your own, please do not hesitate to buy out your piece now.

~ Priestess’s of Satan and Sons/Suns ~ The Demon Temple

Please note our magickals, listings and words are written and created by the priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple, if you see them written anywhere else they are forgeries and not authentic magickals, demons or workings from the Temple.

Thank you so much to all our customs. You inspire us to serve and to create these wonderful magickals and offer these wonderful products and services.

None of this would happen without you and we are so very grateful.

We are Demonosophers. We walked this path before there was a common name for it. Our Senior Coven Priestesses have a combined 20+ years of Demon conjuring and casting experience using Demonic Magick. Demons are our passion, our way of life, and the core of our being. We walk daily with our lords and follow our path devoutly.


We work very hard to forge relationships with the Demonic for our own personal strength and advancement, as well as our love for the Demonic Divine, to live Demon Inspired lives and we pass that on to you.

We accept payment through paypal and are flexible with setting up payment plans. If something speaks to you and you would like to put together a plan, please feel free to contact us. Once your payment is received, You will receive an e–mail from us with the details of your order.

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All of our demons/Imp have a creative writing element to them and require written work that takes time to produce.  This is work that is created and will be emailed to you.  Once this is completed we offer no refunds as our time is vested into producing these writings they are all original and creative an they do take time for us to produce.  A great deal of times goes into creating the graphics, writings and information provided in your orders.  These orders are individually customized to you and do take our time.

©Satan and Sons/Suns ~ The Demon Temple


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