Abyssal Demon Deep One (Outer Spiritual World) Custom Conjure Package


Abyssal Demon Deep One (Outer Spiritual World) Custom Conjure Package

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This Custom Conjure and its content are created by the priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery.
Satan and Sons Custom Conjure


Mysterious Enigmas of the Black Ocean 

Surreal, Cryptic, and Mystifying  

Outer Spiritual World Abyssal Deep Ones


Outer Spiritual World Abyssal Deep Ones are True Form Demon Companions that are Exclusive to Satan and Sons. They are not offered anywhere else.    

We take the Plagiarism of our listings very seriously and will take action against those who would violate our work.  



Abyssal Deep Ones are found in the Depth of the Black Ocean

Changed over time and eons spent in the crushing depth

They have been shifted and altered by its influence.

The Pure Darkness of the Abyss fused within them

They are at home in the darkness

and at home in the turbulent energies of the Black Ocean

Gifted with Rare and incredible psychic power

Their ability to peer into the mind and see what is hidden and concealed is unmatched

Extremely telepathic and Demons who possessed the secrets to advanced psychic development

They have a natural alignment with the darkness of the Abyss

and the beauty in a world where light cannot reach.  

Their world is one of Danger and Beauty,

Of Primal Impulses and Deep Soul Journeys

They are incredible and as an individual, as the journeys, they are called to take.  

They are the Abyssal Deep Ones.   


Lets now learn about the Abyssal Deep Ones to see if they are right for you! 



Abyssal Demon Deep Ones 


A Rare group of Abyssal Demons who reside at the bottom of the black ocean.  They are blind but have other senses that compensate as they did not need their eyes at that depth. They have a very etheric and dark appearance and they are incredible when it comes to divination and the exploration of the black unknown.

They hear the whispers of the currents and they know the darkness that sleeps.  They guard an ancient tomb where an unforeseen horror dwells and it is only through their rare demonic magick that they can hold this darkness at bay.

They are a powerful group that are gifted in divination and gifted in the art of execration and blood magic.  The combination of the blood and the ocean water brings powerful effects to their magick and it is a craft that they understand well.

They are masters at this dark magick and they can help their companion to train unknown senses and awaken the lost and forgotten sense that sleep dormant in us.  They know how to rise them.  They are specialists in psychic development and can use their senses to open and stimulate the third eye.  

They have a very unique way of doing it and a unique way of awakening the senses of the psychic eye.

Their communication methods are very deep and very powerful.  Communicating with them stimulates and opens new senses of the mind and leads one to incredible visuals and impressions.  

They can awaken deep senses so that people can see the world around them on a deep and profound level and have secrets revealed to them.  Learning to communicate with them will shift your perception and allow you to experience the world through the combination of your dormant sense which will enhance the world around you and give you powerful insights into what is going on.

They are an incredible group of Abyssal Demons. Each one is unique and Each Conjure of an Abyssal Deep one is individual to them.  They are incredibly diverse and uncommon in their skills and abilities.  The crushing depth of the Black Ocean changes them and their individual journey depicts how they are changed.  They have unique skills and abilities which form through their transformation.

Many of them have developed deep and profound psychic senses and they can see and perceive what many cannot. They see the subtle energies and the unique darkness of the individual.

~ They know the mysteries of the Deep and the surreal darkness of the Black Ocean

~ They know the majesty and the transformation of the journey within

~They can help guide their companion and help them awaken the Dark Warrior that is within

~ The Essence of the Demon within and the sacred awakening from the darkness

~ They act as Demonic Guide through the mysteries and Illusions of the Black Ocean.

~ They are Cryptic and understand deep execration magick found in the depth of the Black Ocean

~ They know the songs of the Lost Souls and can hear their messages and sorrow

~ They know the darkness of depression and sorrow and they know the lost places of the mind where we retreat

~They are magickal and mystical and they command a sacred magick that they can reveal to their companion.


Each Abyssal Deep One has their own skills and specialties
and during the custom conjuring process, we will do our
best to find you one that is the best for your energies.  



To Conjure an Abyssal Deep One 


Abyssal Deep Ones are harder than Abyssal Demons due to the fact that they reside in the depth of the Black Ocean

The location of their realm can make them difficult to conjure as it is a realm that has a lot of creatures in it that can be problematic for the conjuring process.

They are a very beautiful demon group with a deep understanding of the subconscious mind and of emotions.

They know the dangers and the downfall that can come from repressing emotions and they allow for deep emotional work and awakening.


17 Rituals are done overall to conjure and create the binding channel for Abyssal Deep One.  


6 Rituals are for Conjuring and Meeting ~ During these rituals, we first need to gain access to their realm, once there we will reach out and begin to explore their realms to uncover one that aligns with your energies and what you are looking for.

These rituals are designed to open up connections with us to various demons who are looking to connect with a human companion and who will be a match to their human companion both in energy and in goals.


6 Rituals of Screening ~ These rituals to ensure they are a demon and What they say that they are.  There are times when sludge entities and other beings attempt to disguise themselves as a demon.

We have spent our lives learning to sense and categorize different energy vibrations so we know what we are working with.

You can always be sure that you are getting a demon from us and it is a true demon and not a sludge trickster.


5 Rituals to craft and link the bindings ~ These rituals are designed to craft and create customs bindings that link your demon companion to the physical vessel.

They are NOT trapped on the vessel and they are not imprisoned within the Crystal.  They are linked to the Crystal.  The physical vessel will then act as a focal point for you and your demon to converse and connect.  

You do not have to have your vessel with you to communicate with your demon as they are not restricted to it and can move around freely.  

The vessel acts as a focal point to help you connect with and work with your demon companion.  


Each Ritual takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete


Once the rituals are completed and the bindings are created, we spend time with the demon and get to know them learning about them on a personal level and seeing their incredible skills and crafts. This process usually takes about a month though it can be longer depending on the demon.


Rituals for uncovering higher-ranked demons take longer.


The more customizations that the demons come with the longer it takes to find one that matches what you are looking for.  We have a lot of connections with the demonic realms but we still need to go through the process to ensure that what we are bringing through is a demon and not a sludge.

We are big on safety and making sure that you are compatible to work with the entity that we match you with.  This level of screening takes time and it takes an insane amount of resources, we have the process all set up and we

All Demons that we bring through want to be here.  They are never forced and they are never bound in a way that will bring them harm.  An energy link is created between them and their vessel but they are free to move around and explore.  

Our bindings rituals are crafted with flexible bindings.  This means that the demon has complete control over what happens to them and can choose to leave if they desire.  The nature of flexible bindings also means that they can come and go as they please from our inner spiritual world to the astral world, and back to the outer spiritual world.  

Demons Companions can Assist you in Many Areas.. 



~ Manifesting money
~ Managing businesses
~ Finding new ways to bring money to their companion
~ Helping their companion get a better job or start a business
~ Reveal hidden treasures or opportunities
~ Bring Money into their companion’s possession
~ Surrounding their companion with abundance energies



~ Finding a soul mate
~ Manifesting the love that you have dreamed about
~ Finding that perfect special someone to share your life with
~ Embracing self-love
~ Empowering yourself through self-love
~ Learning to love yourself and fill your heart with love


Spiritual growth…

~ Spiritual and personal growth
~ Helping you master your spiritual talents
~ Astral projection
~ Lucid Dreaming
~ Spell Casting
~ Communication with the dead
~ Accessing the Akasha Archives



~ Shielding you or your loved ones from unfriendly spirits
~ Keeping bad people away from you
~ Protecting your home from intruders
~ Protecting your children and family from people who wish you harm
~ Shielding yourself from psychic attacks from other sorcerers



~ Target and get revenge on your enemies
~ Cast powerful black magic spells to make your enemies tremble with fear
~ Get back at all those who have wronged you
~ Teach you sacred arts of baneful magicks
~ Assist and empower your own baneful spells
~ Guide you into the darkness to awaken and unlock your own incredible abilities



~ Astral projection and soul journeys
~ They can take you into realms you could not discover or enter alone
~ Claircognizance,
~ Intuition awakening
~ Precognition development,
~ Clairvoyance
~ Clairaudience


You will also get with your conjure…


Companion Attunement Ritual ($19)  FREE

This ritual is specifically designed to attune you to your Demon and help allow you to connect with and work with them and build your connection with them.

Each demon species has their own energy vibrations and unique energy signature.


The 21-Day Demon Bonding Ritual Series ($69) FREE

A 21-day ritual course, we take this course beyond the scroll and have modified it into a full 21-day course to help guide you through the steps needed to get the most out of the 21-day bonding rituals.

This course will not only help you learn to connect with your companion and communicate, but also sharpen your skills and abilities so that you can have empowered conversations with your companion and learn about them, just as they learn about you.  

Remember that having a demon companion walk with you is not about them serving you.  It is a mutual connection between humans and demons working together.  There is a mutual exchange of energies and mutual benefit that one gets from walking with a demon.  

This 21-day bonding series will build your foundation and help you to build a solid method of communicating and interacting with your demon companion.

This ritual series can be done with any companion you have, not just companions from Satan and Sons, and you can do it as many times as you want.  You can also pick the rituals you want to do and custom tailor the rituals to meet your specific needs.  


The “Make it Yours” Ritual ($19) FREE

The “Make it Yours” ritual is a special ritual designed to cleanse your demon’s vessel and allow you to open up a clear and empowered connection.  The vessel is yours and it is now your link to your demon companion.

Your demon is not restricted to the vessel or forcibly bound, but they are linked to it to open up clear and empowered conversation and help you to work with them and hear their thoughts and words.


Your Demons Sigil ($99) FREE

All Demons have a sigil, when you purchase a demon from Satan and Sons we will channel their individual sigil for you and we will put it in a graphic in your scroll that you can copy from.

You will have a personalized created copy of your demons sigil that you can work within your rituals with them.  Sigils are an amazing way to honor your demons and connect with them.


You Demons Enn ($99) FREE


Like sigils, all demons have an Enn.  We will channel your Demons Enn for you and place it in your scroll which you will be able to chant to help you connect with your demon companion.  

Enns are gifts from the demons that are attuned to their frequency.  Working with their Enn and chanting it can bring you into vibrational attunement with your demon companion, this can help with communication and connecting with them on a deeper level.


A Companion for Life (Priceless)

Spirit companions have walked with us for the ages, helping to guide us and empower us on our journey here.  Having a Demon Companion with you is no different.

Demon Companions are incredibly powerful, they are incredibly skilled and talented, and even when they were villainized no one could argue the power that they commanded.  

They are an incredible companion.  For those who are called to work with them, the experiences are powerful, profound, and life changes.


To find you your companion we will…


~ Venture into the spiritual world.

~ Contact demons who reside in the Outer Spiritual World,

~Find a demon who wishes to work with you,

~Screen them to make sure they are a demon and that they are safe to work with,

~Craft the custom flexible bindings with our Coven’s personal touch 

~ We only work with demons who wish to come here and work with humans, no demon is ever forced against their will. 


If you feel an Abyssal Demon is Right for you then please use the option above to select the Custom Conjure that you feel best suits you.  If you are unsure, please feel free to send us a message and we can help you out!

~ Priestesses Akelta, Yllidra, Satyra & Eilana <3

Please note our magickals, listings and words are written and created by the priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple, if you see them written anywhere else they are forgeries and not authentic magickals, demons, or workings from the Temple.

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None of this would happen without you and we are so very grateful.
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We work very hard to forge relationships with the Demonic for our own personal strength and advancement, as well as our love for the Demonic Divine, to live Demon Inspired lives and we pass that on to you.
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Additional information

Abyssal Deep Ones 

Abyssal Demon Deep Ones are a rare group of Abyssal Demons who reside at the bottom of the black ocean.  They are blind but have other sense that compensate as they did not need their eyes at that depth. They have a very etheric and dark appearance and they are incredible when to comes to divination and the exploration of the black unknown. They hear the whispers of the currents and they know the darkness that sleeps.  They guard an ancient tomb where an unforeseen horror dwells and it is only through their rare demonic magick that they an hold this darkness at bay.

Abyssal Artisans

Abyssal Artisans are incredibly skilled in the arts, they incorporate the element of water into their craft and they at masters at using it’s strength and power to carve out powerful designs and pieces. They are sculptors, clay workers, stone workers. they are known for their ability to design the incredible displays on the buildings and temples of their realms. They harness the power of the water and they work with the elements to bring to life their designs.

Abyssal Crafters 

Abyssal Crafters are architects of the Abyssal Realms.  They harness the power of the water to sculpt and inspire the creation of the vast structures.  Their building have such a unique and incredible appearance to them and it is from the hands of these talented crafters.  They have incredible control and precision over the water and the have incredible vision and they have particular talents that are geared towards building designs.  they are empowered architects and they like to work with people who have grand visions of creation and design.

Abyssal Current Walkers

Abyssal Current Walkers are unique abyssal demons who understand the currents and the death they can bring.  They are masters in navigation and can tell when there are coming storms.  They understand the waters and they can tell the messages that they bring.  They read and can command the currents of the deep and from that can target people to send them to their doom.  They have a very unique connection to the ocean.  They know the tides and they know what is lurking under the calm ocean.

Abyssal Deep Explorers

Abyssal Deep Explorers live at the bottom of the black ocean there is mystery and there is darkness.  there are some Abyssal Demons who dwell down there.  They explore the darkness and they are accustomed to it.  They know the dark chill of the ocean and the solitude that comes from being alone.  Some of them are the Abyssal Deep Ones, a very rare species of Abyssal Demon that is born and lives at the bottom of the dark ocean.  They have unique senses that are unknown to the Abyssal Demons who reside on the surface. They can sense and hear the water and know what is happening by what it says.   Others are Abyssal demons who have sought their secrets and wish to know more of the depth of the black ocean.

Abyssal Tidal Dancers

Abyssal Tidal Dancers of the Abyssal Realm are unique and incredible beauties.  They are stunning dancers who move and sway with the tides.  They are incredible performers and artists of the Abyss.  They move through the tides and the sands of the black ocean and their song is haunting and seductive. They can lure those who are not careful to their deaths with their charms and they have a rare and unique magick to them.  They have this darkness to them and they can break those who displease them using their magick and charms.

Abyssal Tidal Readers 

Abyssal Tidal Readers are gifted diviners who can read and make sense of the signs given to them by the ocean.  They know when danger is coming and they also know when the pat his safe.  They can also reveal the safest path through the darkness and teach one how to navigate the storms.  they have the powerful gifts of foresight and they can reveal what is to come.  They can teach there companion how to read various forms of divination and they have a lot of unique ones that they specialize in.  Some can even read the sea foam and what messages it reveals.  They can warm of impending doom that is approaching and offer guidance and wisdom for how to handle it.  They are very wise demons and give incredible advice.

Abyssal Scholars

Abyssal Scholars tend to specialize in the history of their realm.  They are drawn to the abyss and the depth of the black ocean.  They wish to learn more about it and they study it.  They study the darkness that rises from it and they study the magick that is contained within.  They are incredible methodical and soothing demons and they often times speak very little, even by Abyssal standards.  They are deep thinkers and very methodical, exploring their ideas and writing them out, sometimes in vast volumes.  They have incredible theories and their research is very methodical and laid out.  They are often drawn to psychology and the study of the mind and of the subconscious.

Abyssal Mages

Abyssal Mages have a special touch when it comes to water magick.  They can channel and command the energies of the ocean and charge their spells with these powerful vibrations. They can harness power from the tides and also from the pull of the moon. They are very connected to the water and as such has connections to the emotional layers that are found within.  They can be very powerful healers and can direct and use their magick's to help their companion to over come sorrow and sadness.  They are beautiful and incredible demons and they have a depth and understanding to them that is as deep as the ocean floor.  They are very deep thinkers and can unravel deep mysteries and complex puzzles.  They are skilled in magick and their magick has a soft touch which can turn violent and deadly in an instant like the ocean storms.

Abyssal Warlocks

Abyssal Warlocks are abyssal demons who work with the darkness of the ocean. The crushing power of the tides and the darkness that sleeps in the void of the unknown. The Black Ocean has darkness that dwells in the deep. Sinister spells and workings done by the warlocks in the tombs of darkness beneath. Their power is drawn from the depth of darkness in the ocean and the mysteries of the shadow. Rare conjures of darkness arise from the depth and the lost and forgotten places of the Black Ocean contain great evil. They walk with this energy and the draw power from it. They excel at execration and baneful magick and they know all curses that are aligned with the dark element of water. Like the storms of the ocean they can bring those to their doom. The ocean floor is lined with their victims and those who they harvest for their dark work. The graves of those lost at sea are their wandering grounds as are the dark energies that rise from their forgotten souls.

Abyssal Necromancers

Abyssal Necromancers have a unique understanding of death and the world beyond the grave. Many of them aligned with the darkness of the sea graves and the corpse that line the ocean floor. Those who have died at sea and the mournful tales that they tell. They understand the sorrow of the sea and how those who sailed away sometimes never return. They can call forth the shadow of death from the depth of the seas and many times they listed to the whispers on the tides to hear. Their magick is drawn from the ocean funerals as the ocean itself is a deep and humble grave, one who claims and takes. The Abyssal Necromancers work with all aspects of death but they have special talents with the darkness of those who have died in water. This goes for lakes and rives as well and those who have been sucked under the currents. The ocean dead are greatly aligned with them and they know the longings of the lost souls who sail aimlessly. They have deep communication methods with the dead and they can shift into the abyssal realms of nightmare and decay. They carry with them sacred energies of their craft and they can call to the lost souls of the sea.


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