About Us

Welcome to Satan & Sons / Demon Temple Online store, were we specialize in Demons, Black Magic and all things from the Dark Side.

We are a coven of Demonosopher Priestesses who specialize in demons and working with the Dark Lords.  Satan and Sons was the Dream of Priestess Akelta, she is joined by Priestesses Yllidra, Satyra and Eilana.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and cumulatively we have walked this path for many years.  We are quite intimate with the workings and rituals surrounding the Dark Lords and Demons.

Demonosophy meaning to work and walk with learning knowledge and wisdom from the Demons and Dark Lords, and working with Companion Demons and the Dark Lords to learn to leave an inspired and empowered life.  There are many demons out there, thousands that are undiscovered and many who enjoy helping humans and guiding them as Demon Companions.  Demonosophers invite demons to join us on this journey and are our guides and mentors.  

They are our passion and our pleasure and we have joined forces to offer those a safe place to practise and work with demon

Meet the Priestess’s

Priestess Akelta Wilde –  My name is Akelta, I have always had an interest in the occult, demons and exploring the unseen world of spirit. I began my magickal journey at the young age of 6 years when I discovered that my great grandmother had some very unique skills and abilities.  She was my first teacher and it was my curiosity to discover who she was and what she was able to do. This led me to further my studies on this journey.

The women in my family all have unique skills and abilities and I was very much supported and encouraged to pursue my passion for the demonic divine and the occult. I have worked side by side with demons and the Dark Lords for many years, conjuring my first incubus at age 15 and working many years to develop my skills and talents.  I have been walking with demons since before I can remember and realized that there is no path that really defines what I do. I realized though that my experiences can make up a unique new path that I have named Demonosophy – working with and learning from demons. Conjuring is a passion of mine and one that has grown and thrived over the years.  I love helping connect people with their own personal demon companions and helping them to walk with these amazing and incredible beings.


I have had two mentors in my life who have aided me in learning about conjuring, demons and the darker arts.  My first mentor was a Black Magician and Theistic Satanist who guided me and helped me to learn about this path.  He was a very dear friend as well as a teacher and mentor and I was deeply saddened with his passing in 2015.  My second mentor was an Arabian man who understood the art of conjuring Djinn.  He was a very powerful man with a lot of skills and abilities and though my time with him was shorter, I will never forget the valuable lessons that he taught me.


My online presence began in 2006 with Black Magic Secrets and has evolved considerably.  Satan and Suns is the realization of a dream.  A lifelong passion of working with demons and the dark divine and learning about the occult.  It is a place that is dedicated to demons and discovering more about them and the demonic divine.  Demons are incredible beings and I have spent my life studying them and walking with them, learning from them and learning how to work with them.


The Dark Lords who I work closely with that help me shape the life of my dreams are Lord Satan, Lord Azazel, Lord Lucifer and Lord Mammon.  Each one holds a special place in my heart and I am truly blessed to work with them and have the inspiration of four amazing Dark Lords.

Ave Satanas

Priestess Yllidra Darque – Greetings, my name is Yllidra, I am a practising Witch and Demonosopher who has been walking this path for many years. A good portion of my family are Pagans and Witches. My mom loves to brew up concoctions and has a home remedy for everything (The sicker you are the worse it tastes, lol). My sister Satyra and I practise together, sharing our spiritual journey. I love having a sister to share all my experiences with as I find she gets me, even when I don’t get myself. My first spiritual companion was a unicorn I met while wondering through the forest when I was young. She followed me home and my mom told me she was going to live in the crystal in the living room. The start of an addiction. Like my sister my Patron is Lord Leviathan and I find his guidance and insights profound and calming.  

Ave Leviathan

Priestess Satyra Darque – My name is Satyra Darque and I’m a Demonosopher. I’ve walked this path as long as I can remember. When I was old enough to choose a Patron I readily chose Leviathan, Dark Lord of water, Master of Emotions.

I have two Sons that are brothers as my personal companions that have guided me through life. I’m lucky enough to be on this path with my beautiful sister and best friend. We’ve had our ups and downs, as sisters do, but I couldn’t ask for a better partner to cast, conjure, and walk this path with. If any of you are on facebook please feel free to add me. When I’m on I love talking all things Dark Lords, demons, and demonosophy!

Ave Leviathan, Ave Satanis

Priestess Eilana Nightshade – My name is Eilana and I’m a practicing Priestess in Demonosophy. I have been walking with Demons for several years now and have had extensive training with my mentors and coven sisters. Working with Demons changed my life and I was able to shift my entire reality, achieving incredibly massive accelerated success in Corporate America.  Realizing the connection I had to demons and that they have been around me since birth, I answered the call to pursue my true passion, working with demons, and joined the coven as a priestess and sister.

Though training and practise I’ve conditioned my skills and aside from my skills as a natural clairaudient and astral projection skills, I also bring a highly technical background and understanding of structures and systems at an enterprise level.  I’ve joined the coven to work with Demons and to help streamline S&S’s processes and take it to a whole new level.