About Us

Welcome to Satan & Sons / Demon Temple Online store, where we specialize in Demons, Conjures, Black Magick, and all things from the Dark Side.

~ We are an exotic store with oddities and curios from the dark embrace of the spiritual world.  

~ We offer spirit familiars and companions, mystical magickals, incredible spells and workings from the other side, and, of course… Our Fantastic Demon Companions.

Demons are our passion and a profound part of our lives.  We cherish there and love helping others to invite these amazing beings into their lives.  

Walking side by side with our Demon Companions, they bless our existence and help us live a life of balance and complete the delicate esoteric balance between light and dark we seek on this physical journey.

This is our passion, our truth, and we are excited and delighted to share it with you!

Come uncover why demons make phenomenal companions.

We are a unique coven of Demonosophers and Demon Lovers who specialize in Demons, Darkness and working with the Dark Lords.  Satan and Sons was the Dream of Akelta Wilde; she is joined by her Coven Sisters, Eliana Nightshade and Ysabeau! 

We come from a variety of backgrounds, and cumulatively, we have walked this path for many years.  We are quite intimate with the workings and rituals surrounding the Dark Lords and Demons.

Demonosophy means to work and walk while learning knowledge and wisdom from the Demons and Dark Lords and working with Companion Demons and the Dark Lords to learn to live an inspired and empowered life.

There are many demons out there, thousands that are undiscovered, and many who enjoy helping humans and guiding them as Demon Companions.  Demonosophers invite demons to join us on this journey and are our guides and mentors.

Demons are our passion and our pleasure, and we are excited to offer those called to demons a safe place to practice and work with demons.

Meet the Coven! 

Priestess Akelta Wilde

~ A dubious creature, condemned and damned by all Christians on youtube.


Priestess Eilana Nightshade

– Priestess Eilana is a Brilliant Goddess and Oracle Priestess of Demons who hears the wisdom and the word of the Demonic Divine.

~ A Natural Clairaudient, she channels her power to receive sacred messages from the Demons and Dark Lords.

~ She is a Priestess of Demonosophy, a Conjurer, a Channeller, an Astral Traveller, and an Honoured Priestess of the Coven.

~ She brings her Sacred Power and Profound Gifts to this Space.

Demon Secretary Ysabeau

Ysabeau is an Author, Spiritual
Anthropologist and gifted psychic who is a very cherished member of the Coven!

~ Ysa walks the Shamanic Path with Demons and is very connected to the Natural World.  

~ Everyone in Discord knows her for her kind and playful nature and incredible ability to moderate any situation just and fairly.  

~ Ysa brings her love of the spiritual world and her vibrant and charismatic energy to this space.