After Purchasing your Demon – The Conjuring Process

Thank you so much for your Purchase of your Satan and Sons Demon Companion! We are very excited and happy to serve you in matching you with your perfect companion.  

We take our work very seriously and are committed to matching you with a perfect Demon Companion.

At this stage during the conjuring process, we will ask you for specific information that we need to complete the conjuring process. We will ask you for a list of qualities that are you are looking for in your future companion. This list can be as long or short as you desire, you can even say you are looking for an open conjure. An open conjure is where you give us no qualities and we connect to the energies and see who comes through for you.

Please email your list of qualities to

We want to ensure that we get the best match possible for your energies and a number of rituals are completed during this time to attain that goal.  This process will take 2-3 months to complete, we appreciate your patience during this time!

If you have a payment plan with us,  conjuring will not begin until your payment plan is completed.  

The first part of this course is an outline of what goes on during the conjuring process and the steps that we take to match you with a powerful and incredible demon companion.  

The second part of this course includes the “Make it Yours Ritual” the “Demon Attunement Ritual” and our super popular “21-day Bonding Ritual Series” to help you develop your senses and form a deep connection with your Demon Companion.